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A long time coming, and thousands of men later, the desire is now on the edge

The desire I am speaking of is submission, sweet enchanting servitude to another being, the gift of energies, orgasms and adoration for another being.

Otherwise known as BDSM.   1,343 more words

a fantasy continued

Picking up, ironically one the next night of the monthly wax. I think she likes to torment me most those nights…

My hands compress the plush comforter, the soft mattress beneath my hands. 898 more words

My Lady

30th March 2014

Today has been a much better day. I actually slept last night :D 

I felt a little poop with the whole Mother’s Day business. I have seen a lot of things on Facebook about how much people love their mums and such, and it made me wish I had that kind of relationship with my mum. 473 more words

My mind, it hurts so much! Review of Noah (in theaters now) ***spoilers***

Please read this at your own caution, as I am about to convey to you the massive mind-fu*k I just put myself thought.

To help you understand, I want you to think back to watching… 333 more words


The recent pictures in the media of a handcuffed George Clooney, following his arrest at a demo, have, apparently, fuelled many a quivering females sexual fantasy.   682 more words

Welcome Home

The alarm went off at seven a.m.  She turned it off with eyes closed, a smile sitting comfortably on her lips.  It was April 17th. He was coming home. 1,003 more words


Jack Morin, The Erotic Mind: Unlocking the Inner Sources of Passion and Fulfillment

Do you know there is something called your ‘core erotic theme’? Jack Morin wrote this insightful book for anyone that wants to better understand themselves sexually and delve deeper into what turns them on and why. 164 more words