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Harder and harder, faster and faster....

Hands that lovingly caress my fevered skin

Hot flesh that slowly teases before sliding in

Mouth that drinks sweetly first from my lips

On the way down to my dusty pink erect tips… 121 more words

Erotic Art + Portraits

Take me ~

Soft lips part
Sweet desire
Flame smoldering
Quick little breaths
Taste of you
Melding together
As if intended
Two pieces
Of a puzzle… 55 more words
Erotic Art + Portraits

Sacred Sin | Erotic poetry

Twist me

Take me

Bind my flesh

Your endless

Pricking want

The tendrils of your


Sink deep into the

Sinuous muscle of me

Talons from a great… 68 more words

Erotic Art + Portraits

What do you see ?

I now have 250 followers. Small beans I know, but for someone who never intended to blog, much less write about my sex life, I am stunned.  375 more words

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