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Evolution, God and Sex

Two current writers, Paul Johnson, in Intellectuals, and E. Michael Jones, in Degenerate Moderns, have documented the fact that typically modern ideology stems from sexual deviants and deviance. 61 more words


Meaninglessness—a ticket to sexual freedom

I had motives for not wanting the world to have a meaning; consequently assumed that it had none, and was able without any difficulty to find satisfying reasons for this assumption… The philosopher who finds no meaning in the world is not concerned exclusively with a problem in metaphysics, he is also concerned to prove that there is no valid reason why he personally should not do as he wants to do, or why his friends should not seize political power and govern in the way that they find most advantageous to themselves… For myself… the philosophy of meaninglessness was essentially an instrument of liberation… sexual… political. 6 more words


Confidence In Anonimity

I am shy. There you go I said it. Shy as shy can be. I will go out of my way to NOT have to involve myself in social interactions with strangers at all costs. 624 more words


And such a good start too...

Ok….I’m going to preface this by stating that I’m a monogamous married woman who can TOTALLY count how many people I’ve slept with on one hand, so i don’t think I’m biased here….but about the time I got to the  5th line of this here facebook banner I started to get pissed. 493 more words


Eroticism in Liberation: The Actual Functionality of Eroticism in the Struggle for Freedom

To begin to understand the function of eroticism in the struggle for liberation, we must first examine the difference between two notions which are often used interchangeably yet are in truth completely different both theoretically and functionally. 1,174 more words

Crossing the Currents of Society

Much of what I teach is regarding absolute truth – it is fixed and foundational.

On the other hand, however, there’s a lot of what I share that is relative. 196 more words

Biblical Sexuality