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Do Women Have Sex for Pleasure ?

Sex can be a very weird topic for many. Sex has been so taboo for so long , it has taken some time for people to warm up to the idea of openly discussing it. 685 more words

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No. Not every time you put the penis in her is she having the most luxurious sex of her lifetime. Most times she is just burning more calories while you pump for dear life. 396 more words

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Cybersex: The Virtual Hookup

 What comes to mind when you think about sex?  The most common image of sex would probably be vaginal intercourse but some may consider oral sex, anal sex, BDSM or certain fetishes to be categories of sex.   922 more words


Our Bodies

Centuries of old Puritan and Victorian practices have stained the intention of our Creator, marking the body as the enemy of the spiritual life. But no such thing is true. 96 more words

Biblical Sexuality

Who’s Sex? My Sex: A Commentary on the Patriarchy of Sex by Amber Genuske

I ran across this article, “The Patriarchy of Sex” by Amber Genuske in the Huffington Post, and after talking with admin Kia and thought it might be a good starting post on the GoodBlackLoving blog. 1,125 more words

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Moroccan sexuality, "We" and "Nineteen Eighty Four"

It ails We’s protagonist, D-503. First it works by chance, as if this ailment is inevitable, itched in the very basic algorithms from which life takes its most modern forms. 1,509 more words


Feminism, Casual Sex and Open Relationships

This is an educational piece and I would ask that everyone read this carefully. I was inspired to write this after having a discussion on Thought  catalog about casual sex. 1,117 more words

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