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Sexual Frustration

So hubby asnd I are going to do the thing natures likes us all to do since we have the house to ourselves and bam! in walks the mother in law yelling is anybody home? 41 more words


Cybersex: The Virtual Hookup

 What comes to mind when you think about sex?  The most common image of sex would probably be vaginal intercourse but some may consider oral sex, anal sex, BDSM or certain fetishes to be categories of sex.   922 more words


Sexually Repressed...

Just a little light reading, not for the young in heart and age.

I found myself conversing with a fellow blogger the other day. We were discussing the main tenets of our blogs; when it was my turn, i blurted out that my blog contained a lot of sexual content and that was because I was sexually repressed. 442 more words


Watch the Verbage!

Something to think about men…the words you use to say you want sex!

Believe it or not, there are expressions that can absolutely turn a woman off and there are ways that you can express yourself that can lead her to be interested in hopping in bed. 236 more words

Differences In Libido

UNHOLY thoughts

Benoit Courti Photography

I’d like to think that i’m religious


having my ducks sorted and my mind made up.

but when it comes to you… 121 more words



may 20

heh. a positive attitude goes a long way. how do you change your bad attitude into a good attitude, or at least convincingly fake to employers and wimmin that you have a winning attitude? 807 more words


He claimed boredom, and my frustration

yielded to it, but still the young man’s

solicitation surprised me, as did my

eventual offer him.

Though we both thought better not… 83 more words