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Watch the Verbage!

Something to think about men…the words you use to say you want sex!

Believe it or not, there are expressions that can absolutely turn a woman off and there are ways that you can express yourself that can lead her to be interested in hopping in bed. 236 more words

Differences In Libido

UNHOLY thoughts

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I’d like to think that i’m religious


having my ducks sorted and my mind made up.

but when it comes to you… 121 more words



may 20

heh. a positive attitude goes a long way. how do you change your bad attitude into a good attitude, or at least convincingly fake to employers and wimmin that you have a winning attitude? 807 more words


He claimed boredom, and my frustration

yielded to it, but still the young man’s

solicitation surprised me, as did my

eventual offer him.

Though we both thought better not… 83 more words

Bad Orgasms

 No one ever seems to talk about bad orgasms. You know those ones you sometimes give yourself, knowing somehow it’s a bad idea, but still clawing your way up that hill of lust out of pure frustration or exhaustion, just willing it to push you over the edge into sleep or some kind of absolution. 170 more words

Random Musings

mY stRugGles witH seX

Is the media ruining my sex life?

Almost every movie and TV show portrays heterosexual sex as vaginal intercourse. It is portrayed as fun, pleasurable and orgasmic for the female. 1,570 more words

Make Love To Me

So I’m still in my postpartum depressive mood, I must say that coming back to WordPress and my blog has really helped a lot, and I’m so much happier, not as miserable and very approachable… So newest poem. 168 more words