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Day Four: Pornography and Sexual Frustration

I’m in my college years, so I’m bound to encounter many women that attract me.

There are a few problems with this stigma. First, I have a long distance relationship, and I don’t plan on being a man that cheats. 561 more words

Quitting Pornography

Self control. I’m working on that. Today I am really being tested. I just want to jump on someone, but I won’t. I’m a lovely lady, and you will treat me like a delicate fucking flower.


Toy Super Hero Tips: How to Deal Sexual Frustration, Dry Spell & Improve Your Sex Life

If you don’t have a partner, GET ONE!!! Here’s How to Deal Sexual Frustration, Dry Spell & Improve Your Sex Life – Toy Super Hero Tips. 8 more words

Done is Done

In order to start dating again after a breakup, there is a theory that you should look at all your past relationships and figure out the common trait in the men you have been dating. 713 more words

Prologue: Part 3 - Rejection and Tinder Aquisition

So, I was horny. I was 11 months dry and after deciding I wanted nothing to do with boys emotionally, I was dying for a good fuck. 2,262 more words


3 Day Sale!

Holy Crap! SEETHINGS is on sale for just three days (this weekend.)!

It’s true! We’re promoting this offer to followers only… and only for three days! 200 more words


Recent Increase in Sales

Recently my book “Sexual Abuse in Marriage” has had a marked increase in sales. While I’m delighted to see that more people are finding the book helpful and the increased income is always welcome, it also alarms me. 124 more words

Differences In Libido