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Fifty Shades of Sexually Frustrated Women

I will admit to reading all three Fifty Shades books. In my defense, let me explain how that came about. A few years ago, I had heard of the first book but had not payed much attention because I stopped reading romance novels since my late teens. 607 more words


The Allure of the Vampire

 Overwhelmingly (though obviously not exclusively), the fan bases of these television shows, movies and novels are young women. And of course, all of these vampire tales have a lot to say about what constitutes “good” and “bad” sexualities — especially regarding young women. 141 more words

Sexual Frustration

'Me' time & masturbation can't be done when your kids are around

My god I’m frustrated.

Last weekend my fabulous friend and I went to the swingers club again. Except we must have missed the ‘OAP night’ advert. 755 more words

Day 9

Yesterday we broke up again.

Hopefully for the last time.

I feel silly. Like an irrational girl. Sunday we studied together all afternoon. It was fun. 360 more words

Personal Growth

Night Club Lessons

A few nights ago, I braved the much colder weather to watch a band play live just once more before the end of the year. 422 more words

Day 6

Well, I messed up. Yesterday.

We still talk a lot. See each other at school most days. Trade the best hugs.

I was in a boring class, had just finished the quiz. 137 more words


Day 4

Today has been hard. There is rain and sleet outside, the fireplace is on, school let out early. I just want to wrap up in a blanket, kiss and snuggle. 153 more words