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The OC S01E10: Yacht or Not

Like, the heaviest breathing. Like, one or both of them may have some sort of lung disease heavy breathing. Like, pervert on the phone heavy breathing. 3,803 more words



Holy fucking shit.
Life is utterly fantastic, despite one small factor.
I’m legitimately horny alllllllllllllllll the time.
And I haven’t been laid in nearly a month. 205 more words

Hookup navigation

I hung out with L last night. He lives with his parents in a West Side townhouse near the Hudson River. The townhouses cover a few square blocks going right up to West Street. 271 more words



So one of my issues this month has been a lack of physical contact with other humans.

It’s left me sexually frustrated.

I’m not even sexually active. 197 more words


My Only Friend is Pain

I’m runnin’ out of patience for all this bullshit that I suffer in my life. All the sexual frustrations from not having a girlfriend to love and protect. 745 more words


I'm a Bad, Bad, Nasty Man

Hey fellow terrorists.

I’m pissed off and angry. I’ve changed this stupid site from mathematics, algorithms and source to nasty bullet spittin’ evil rants and anything else that I fancy addin’ to it. 212 more words


What ARE you talking about Willis?

In lieu of doing anything productive this summer —  making tea in a solicitors office, traipsing around the world in a poncho, or finally mastering the harmonica — I’ve decided to start a blog. 481 more words