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And here comes sexual frustration...

I honestly don’t know how or what to feel. I’m attracted to two of my friends from high school, both whom I like equally, and there is this much older man who I just want to sleep with. 18 more words


Hysteria & Vibrators: The Historical Medicalization of Women’s Sexuality and Sexualization of Women’s Mental Health

            The term “hysteria” as a condition for women in Western medicine dates back as far as the 4th century and remained as an official diagnosis in the DSM until 1952. 525 more words


Why too much advice is worse than no advice.

The problem I have found in my journey to bettering my life is one of having too much advice. Yes, too much can actually be bad once you think about it. 312 more words



The majority of my followers on Tumblr are porn blogs with naked women “seeking my cum”.

It’s like someone is purposefully making fun of me. That’s not even being a keyboard warrior, it’s more like keyboard sadist. 7 more words


Wall Friend.

I’m just gonna vent to my wall. Because walls are non-judgmental.

-Fuck the gym. I can’t be arsed lifting heavy weights, knowing that I will probably never have to lift what I can lift in a real life scenario. 185 more words



This may be TMI but…

I’m dying from sexual frustration. Yes, I’m totally serious. Let me back up a bit.

Between Cerebos & Celibacy

A recent conversation with a girlfriend of mine left me feeling like a deer caught in the headlights, as they say. Naturally, conversations around sex and sexuality aren’t very comfortable if one is venturing into unfamiliar territory. 650 more words