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Being a Firefighter Shouldn't Mean Getting Raped

By:  Robert Avsec, Executive Fire Officer

The military services of the United States are not the only organizations that are plagued by sexual harassment and… 376 more words

Management Sciences

Women in The Tech World

In my latest posts, I demonstrated that not only are women paid less than men, they also have difficulties reaching jobs with high responsibilities. Furthermore, in one of my previous article, I also showed that they also tend to be more the victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. 328 more words

Women's Struggle

Can't Teach Old ...


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Sexual Harassment Classes

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Everyday Sexism in the 1970s

I wish Laura Bates’ website had been around then. As a large-breasted, cripplingly self-conscious and generally friendless teenager, with an unaccompanied two-hour journey to college and back, I was subjected to this “niggling” kind of sexist treatment routinely, all the time. 1,057 more words

'Ogling' Female Employee in Security Footage Costs Employer Damages in EEOC Lawsuit

It’s one thing to use footage from a security camera to spot and intercept employee wrongdoing, like stealing–but quite another to use it to harass and demean an employee. 154 more words

Essexual Harassment in the aftermath of the London Marathon

On marathon day twenty-somethings from Essex migrate down to Narrow Street, to the Narrow Boat, to do some boozing. The women dress in delicate colours and cream high heals, the men in jeans and shirts, they often walk as if their knees had been smashed in, pronated legs. 529 more words

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Oscar Pistorius’ Trigger. Read here

Forcing a woman to have a cesarean is an assault we won’t tolerate. Read here

In the public interest. Covering SMSes, sobs and shootings. 32 more words