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Men Caught on video cat-calling and wolf whistling their own Disgusied MOTHERS:

It was ment to shed light on the problem of women being sexually harrassed on the streets of Lima in Peru, but a Peruvian TV show has become an international hit. 39 more words


Feminism for Dummies Part 3: Gender Discrimination, Respect and Shaming Men

“These young boys were asked to slap a girl. Their reactions will surprise you!”
The only thing that surprises me is the narrow mindedness of the people who conducted this social experiment. 1,175 more words


Feminism for Dummies Part-2:The Flipside

Before I start with the actual blog, I have a small exercise/task for the readers. You have to pick out from the following statement, the word/phrase which has the most negative connotation according to you. 636 more words


If Al Sharpton's Race Wars Fizzle, He Can Always Make Millions Accusing Bill Cosby of Sexual Harassment



I’m not sure who’s cornered the market better when it comes to propaganda and sensationalism: Al Sharpton and his made-for-TV race wars, or the Left’s alleged rape victims who accuse wealthy men of rape 30 years after the alleged rape allegedly occurred. 391 more words


Facebook is the new Locker Room

There is a big news story surrounding 13 male Dentistry students who started a page on FaceBook with the sole purpose of being derogatory to women in their class. 589 more words

Feminism-For Dummies. Dedicated to the "Feminazi"

We live in strange times. We live in a society where crimes against women are rampant. From women getting raped in broad daylight, to their sexual harassment in public places. 486 more words


Sexual Harrasment: why it is not ok!

Recently in the news there has been stories and articles about how sexual harassment is seen today. According to BBC Wales 1 in 4 women are sexually harassed on a night out, and some women were asked how they felt about this. 162 more words