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Sexual Harrasment: why it is not ok!

Recently in the news there has been stories and articles about how sexual harassment is seen today. According to BBC Wales 1 in 4 women are sexually harassed on a night out, and some women were asked how they felt about this. 162 more words


14 year old girl is crying out for help; She has been forced into marriage!

“He beat me up, tore my protective trousers, and forcefully had sex with me, I was only 5 days in the marriage. I cried, and cried for neigbhours to come and help me as he continued to beat me hard in the middle of the night, but he told me Bamenda is a big town where everyone minds his or her business, he assured me that no one was going to come and rescue me. 1,344 more words

Child Marriage

VICTIM NO MORE: Live Transmission on Victimization and Empowerment

Recording of a live, channeled transmission on the subject of victimization and empowerment.

“When we stand in a place of fear we are powerfully creating.. and yet when we take the dial and we turn it down, we let go our fear and understand that we are capable of changing this, everything, everything is changed… And each one of us holds that capacity, and the more¬† who claim it, who stand up and say, I am a victim no more, the course of human experience on the planet will be changed..”

Talk to Adi.


“You’ll probably get sexually harassed at some point, but just hope they leave a big tip.”


So, let’s do a little thought experiment, shall we?

Let’s say there are street-sellers. Like, the people, often students, that you can find in busy shopping districts, selling newspaper subscriptions or trying to get people to sign up for donations to a good cause. 2,022 more words


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Having a stressful day? Easy relief: switch on NPR.

Listening to the familiar voices of Garrison Keillor or Terry Gross or Ira Glass is comforting, even ritualistic.  818 more words



I told a store clerk today that I am a piece of shit. The convienince store clerk was talking about how his mother was ignoring him lately. 179 more words

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