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Sexual consent as proposed by Feminists

Sexual consent as proposed by Feminists.

Note that consent alone may not prevent a person from being charged with rape. For more information, please refer to the sexual assault section of the Criminal Code.


Stripping Back the Layers

Hello, dear reader and casual passerbys. It’s been an incredibly full on month for me, one where I uprooted my life and moved it from a little city in Australia to no where in particular in the United Kingdom. 906 more words



I found this article through Facebook

Gender-flips are a simple and smart way to turn sexism on its head

And I thought it was really interesting how people reacted to it. 132 more words

Women's Day: The difference between women's rights and roles

A month ago, on 8 March 2014, it was International Women’s Day. As the day came and went, I mulled over its significance and its importance. 883 more words


Sexual objectification is not empowering

There seems to be an immense imbalance in the natural order of things through the wide-spread permeation of technology and information access, and the prevalence of sexual objectification has created belief sets within all gender groups that are more damaging than empowering. 23 more words


1 April: feminist reading list for the morning

Sexual objectification – what is it? Read here

Gay marriage rights no cause for complacency. Read here

Imagine equality. An online media project highlighting women’s rights. 15 more words


The Inequality of Modesty

Being born in the early nineties and donning the hijab for the first time towards the end of that decade, my history with it and Islam at large is relatively short. 2,071 more words

Ex Hijabi