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10 Ways Men Can Combat Sexist Entitlement in Public | Change From Within

A very interesting post reflecting on everyday ways in which men’s patriarchal entitlement impacts women, and some simple ways for men to help reduce this unwanted day-to-day mpact.


Gender Equality

It has been zero days since the last sexist incident in tech

Obie Fernandez is the author of The Rails Way, the editor of Addison-Wesley’s Professional Ruby Series, and a co-founder and CTO of Javelin, a startup that builds “tools and services to help you change your world”. 775 more words

Can feminists be strippers? (Blogging on the bus)

Hello my internet friends! How ya doing? I am currently on the bus on my way to a friends house but I didn’t want this to stop me from writing a post for you guys, in fact I’ve been meaning to write this post for days but due to circumstance (procrastination) I am only just getting around to it. 313 more words



Let’s consider over-sexualization of women in the media. First of all, have a look at an image like this:

If that one’s a little too over-the-top, let’s look at something a little more moderate: 914 more words

A 10-point plan to addressing the confidence gap between men and women

Evidence shows that women are less self-assured than men—and that to succeed, confidence matters as much as competence.

This important and thought-provoking article, posted in The Atlantic on April 14, written by Katty Kay (any watchers of BBC World will know her) and Claire Shipman (reporter for the (American) ABC) look at how, despite comprising half the workforce in many developed countries, there remains a staggering and hurtful gap between men and women in levels of workplace self-confidence. 1,887 more words

Gender Equality

The "Sexy Lie"

I’ve never seen it put so simply and with such empowering routes for change. We could all benefit from understanding this sexy lie and how to change it’s prevalence in our world. 54 more words


Marginalizing My Existence Is Not A Way Of Flirting Sir

I work as a Server at a fairly conservative, very successful restaurant chain in my very conservative, not as successful small town. For the most part, I really enjoy my job. 561 more words