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What is Veginal Spasms ? - Diseases Treatment - Symptoms, Causes and Cure for Diseases on A to Z


What is this Condition?

Vaginal spasms are involuntary spastic constrictions of the lower vaginal muscles, usually caused by fear of vaginal penetration. It may coexist with painful intercourse and, if severe, may prevent successful intercourse. 314 more words

Attitudes Toward


Life is a test and love is a test as well. How well you perform in the tests that life gives you, will determine the quality of success you command. 922 more words

Pheromone seeks Bait and Tackle

I told someone I wasn’t showering so I could build up my pheromones. You know, pheromones, that odorless substance that your body purportedly emits in order to trigger responses in potential sexual partners. 146 more words


5 Steps To A Passionate Night

Any relationship expert will tell you that it’s important to keep the fire burning in your relationship. Variety, new experiences and attention can strengthen the bond between lovers. 326 more words

Female Sexuality

Healthy Sexual Relationships - Closeness, Technique, Male/Female (or Same Sex) Sexual Dynamics

Healthy sexual relationships are a delicate balance of many factors. These include: 1. emotional closeness 2. sexual skill and technical understanding 3. male/ female (or same sex) sexual dynamic. 543 more words

Passion Favorite - Introducing Luxury Sex Toys To Your Toy Box

Take a look around you. Have you upgraded to a smart phone? And what kind of handbag are you carrying? How about those pumps you’re donning? 403 more words

Female Sexuality

Short Poem 3

Let get lost in the night.
We should hide in the dark.
Let’s go from two lovers underneath the stars.
Into one naked entity in the dark. 40 more words