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Seeking Some Rare Noteworthy Object in Thy Travel

I’m starting my blog for my Wentworth Fellows trip to England come July!

I’ve been so lucky to be granted the Wentworth Fellowship from UNCW, so I will be travelling to England for two weeks to study Shakespeare! 81 more words


A buyer's market?

After the strange reaction of the first person I met as to the perceived difference between my picture versus reality – when I heard similar stories from my next putative paramour, I began to wonder if I was one of few ‘real life’ women on the site. 325 more words

Marty Hart Comes Undone

The fourth episode of HBO’s True Detective–”Who Goes There”–is justifiably famous for director Cary Joji Fukunaga‘s epic six-minute tracking take of a gun battle gone spectacularly, violently wrong. 483 more words


Due diligence and pacts of mutual destruction

So, some what predictably, I decided to join the world’s most popular ‘affairs’ website to see if I could find a person willing to take me and my sorry libido on as a project. 695 more words

The Accidental Pond

So much of Planet Earth’s habitat is being disturbed, uprooted, poisoned or destroyed I was surprised and elated to create, completely by accident, a lush new habitat right in my own front yard. 897 more words

Our Own Skin Part Three

Have you ever wondered why it is that as a group Native Americans, African, Latino and LGBT Americans all know they are oppressed, but the 9 year old American girl-child dieting to look like Barbie, or the woman fiercely advocating for her own reproductive imprisonment, or the teenage girl who proudly calls her pornographer Sir; how is it that none of these females know they are oppressed? 805 more words

A Nonviolent World

Inspiring Change is this year’s International Women’s Day theme, but as an American woman, I want more than inspiration, I want change now.

Headlines rarely reflect the sexual mayhem women endure everyday worldwide. 457 more words