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Sin For My Entertainment, Oh Really?

by pureHOPE

by Ali Burckhartt

For most of my life, I’ve been a naïve consumer, only concerned with how entertaining, useful, or satisfying a product or source of entertainment was to me. 571 more words


Before it's time...

“Purity in its simplest term means looking to God for our standards

not the world.”


"Repressed"????! or Blessed?

A few nights ago, while channel surfing, I saw something that nauseated me to the degree that I ended up just turning off the television and going to bed. 1,450 more words

Sexual Immorality

Problems of the Heart Series

“What comes out of a person is what defiles him. For from within, out of the heart of man, come… sexual immorality,” (Mark 7:20-21, ESV).

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Sexual Myth #5: The Committed Relationship

A much-appreciated reader posted a comment in response to “Sexual Myth Busters for Christian Singles” (March 14). He brought up a number of additional issues I had neglected to address in that first post, so I am revisiting the topic of sex for the Christian single for several weeks, I think. 3,814 more words


Dear Sisters: SPRING TIME!

Dear Sisters: SPRING TIME!


By Jonathan David Faulkner

Spring is the best time of year, everything is blooming, the trees are fresh and the air is clear, it begins to get warm. 969 more words

Jonathan David Faulkner


I first started to see that something was wrong with my fundamentalist Christianity when I began noticing contradictions in the Christians that I knew. I noticed that people weren’t really living for eternity and that sexual virginity before marriage didn’t really matter to people, in contrast to fundamentalist Christianity’s obsession with “purity.” What mattered to people was how much money they made or how much education they had.  133 more words