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Mariah Carey is a world record breaking singer literally listed in the Guiness World Records. She’s one of the very few artist to compose all of her songs except covers of course. 68 more words

Sexual Reproduction

Word Play?

Discussion of cussion will not cause concussionary conclusions. Fucken will it? Cuss-ion? Cuss I’m really confussed at the moment.

Cussionic bonding can be so confusing. Fucking is obviously less apt to be discussed and more likely to involve cusshions. LOL

Or is it cussh-ions?


Just another post I posted.

Paul Jimenez Valadez Spann I’m too busy doing women. Dad just done blessed your halfee a LITTLE too much. Who’s thinking about shouldn’t when all that matters is how we got here? 11 more words

1. Intellierosism

Sexy Symmetry

My recent post on attraction was, by a large margin, my most popular post yet. As this is an area of expertise for me, I’m happy to write more on the topic. 736 more words