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Listen to a presentation by Sian Maseko on Human Rights, Sexuality and the church. presentation presented at the “Lighting The Way: The Church and Human Rights in Zimbabwe” conference

US reproductive rights: employers can now deny you birth control benefit

US reproductive rights: employers can now deny you birth control benefit.

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We said Mildred Alicia…. Birth Control should be an option for all women all around the world… Employers and the U.S Supreme Court should not be allowed to rule on this matter… My question to you employers and the U.S Supreme Court is “Where is our right to freedom in this matter, if you are taking control of our women and their bodies?” We the people(women) should be able to make our choice when it comes to using birth control, not our employers or U.S Supreme Court!!!!! 22 more words

A matter of life and death

By Jessica Trappe

According to a group of researchers, more than half a million women die as a result of complications related to pregnancy, child birth and the after effects of giving birth. 411 more words


Reaction To Dewani's Bisexuality Problematic

Today’s blog can be summarised with this picture by South African cartoonist Jeremy Nell (Jerm): 674 more words

Sexual Rights

Yes Means Yes: Defending the right to a sex positive education

By Aisling Walsh

The state of California has just passed a “Yes Means Yes” sexual assault law that has defined consent as “an affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity.” This is a landmark step in the advancement of women’s sexual rights and the rights to bodily integrity when too often silence, a lack of resistance, being drunk, drugged or unconscious or provocative behavior have been deemed toconstitute implicit consent on the part of the victim of a sexual assault. 672 more words

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