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The Married Man

I don’t understand what goes on in the mind of a married man when he is thinking of starting an affair, especially with a young single girl. 301 more words

Video #3: Same-Sex Attraction and Lust


Our battle with lust depends to a great extent on how we respond when temptation first hits. If we are going to be serious with God in developing a healthy and authentic sexuality as men, let us prayerfully consider the suggestions presented in this video. 20 more words


Life Quotes Series #2 - "In the battle between the spirit and the flesh, the one that wins is the one that gets fed the most."

Back in my dating years (which lasted WAY too long!), I read a book called Surviving Temptation Island (Dave Davidson, George Vermer, & Dan Davidson).   One line from that book became a favorite “life quote”: 559 more words

Watch Your Words...They're more importent then we assume they are.

I don’t think we take words as seriously as we should. Words are more powerful than we think they are. I know I don’t pay that much attention to my words. 1,128 more words