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On Men's Sexual Purity: an Empowering Approach

I have been contemplating ideas for this subject for quite some time, and I expect that I will frequently edit this post. So much is written about it in the frenzy of combating a problem in Christianity that–despite all the words thrown at it–I feel is not really understood. 4,475 more words

Compulsions and Temptations: Questioning Your Acting Out Motives (article #58)

Note: Today’s post can be thought of as a continuation of my previous articles on lust, pornography, masturbation and sexual addiction.

Within Article #57 we considered some practical suggestions in regards to cruising behavior and managing sexual temptation when traveling. 341 more words

Same-sex Attraction

Article #57: How To Manage Sexual Temptation When Traveling

My previous articles on lust, pornography, sexual addiction and masturbation are here, here and here. Today’s post (and next week’s post) are a continuation of these articles. 748 more words

Same-sex Attraction

Workplace Sex Trysts: A Strategy for Standing Strong

Diet Coke, circa mid-90’s, flaunted one very steamy TV ad. An office full of women suddenly begin whispering to each other, “It’s 11:30.” As the commercial commences, they scurry to the office windows to ogle. 640 more words