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Workplace Sex Trysts: A Strategy for Standing Strong

Diet Coke, circa mid-90’s, flaunted one very steamy TV ad. An office full of women suddenly begin whispering to each other, “It’s 11:30.” As the commercial commences, they scurry to the office windows to ogle. 640 more words


The Order of Purity

There is hope. There is always hope.

Many parents, grandparents, pastors and teachers mourn the sexualization of children. They ask: Why? How did this come to be? 468 more words

Common Or Uncommon, Sexual Or Holy?

Important Parenting Tips... Do You Really Want a Wife?

This is a post that originated as two posts on Facebook. Here they are slightly edited. – al stout

In Doug Wilson’s book, Father Hunger, … 552 more words


Important Parenting Tip of the Day... Your Skin and your Soul are Connected

Not much to add to this little article.  It is an excellent counter to our society’s tendency to promote the material as the end all of being. 30 more words

Parenting Tip