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A Story of Childhood Sexual Abuse - Annette's Story

As a child growing up, I learned bad things can happen even if you didn’t really know better. Above all I didn’t like it, I felt inside that this was not right. 694 more words

A valuable article about childhood sexual abuse

How do sexual abusers gain the trust of their young victims and why do parents “let” them? How do they get by with it? Why don’t the child victims say anything? 361 more words

Sexual Abuse & Recovery

Trust and the Artist formerly known as Survivor

Recently I looked carefully at how I have attached to an identity of Survivor.  That I survived trauma was absolutely the foundation for how I navigated the world.  619 more words

Discovering & Uncovering Yourself!

Growth Stage 1: Letting Go of Secrets

For those overcoming sexual abuse and assault the habit of secret keeping is so ingrained it’s second nature: big ones, small ones, mediocre ones,and most definitely unnecessary ones that just seem to threaten the “I’m okay” facade – that jump off the tongue without even an intentional purpose of deceit. 201 more words

Sexual Trauma

I am a dream.

Today I told my therapist something I’ve never shared with anyone.

I didn’t even tell her that I’d never told anyone. I just left the information there. 574 more words

Trapped in a Place of Pain

As it turns out, the teachings of yoga also serve as these surprising, poignant metaphors for life. I first stepped into Sunny’s* yoga studio in early August of 2014. 732 more words

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Who Am I, Anyway?

I had a realization recently that was earth shattering.  Though I’m sure I’m not the first person to stumble upon this discovery, it doesn’t matter.  It’s new to me, so new that it turned my world upside down.  740 more words

Discovering & Uncovering Yourself!