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Someone You Know Has PTSD. Now what?

Most of us have heard of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and its most common causes (people often think  of military combat and sexual assault).  We’ve heard of the most notable symptoms: reexperiencing the trauma through nightmares/thoughts and hypervigilance/being on high alert.   891 more words

#WhyItold: Solidarity

You did it.

#WhyItold flooded the world with your stories.

Everyone wants to know how I am. It can be a difficult thing to bear the weight of so many stories. 399 more words

Redeeming the day

Yesterday, I ended my post with these words:

There was a time when I insisted to my therapist that my rape was so terrible, so dark and ugly, that there was nothing about it that God could possibly redeem.

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Why didn't God stop them?

I was overwhelmed with the love of God. It came completely out of the blue, with no explanation, no rhyme nor reason, just the awareness and certainty of God’s love filling me on that summer evening back in 1981 as never before. 1,072 more words


Just a job

A couple of weeks ago, I stood by my table among many other entities seeking out interns at the MSU Earn, Learn and Intern event. 474 more words

Are Colleges Ignoring Female Sexual Assaults on their Campuses?

According to The Campus Sexual Assault Study, approximately one in five women has reported being sexually assaulted on college campuses. Most victims report their experience as sexual assault by “physical assault” because they are reluctant to call this rape. 269 more words


Survey on the effects of sexual trauma on the sexuality of single adult women

Amanda Walters is conducting a research study towards a doctorate degree in clinical psychology at Alliant International University, California School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco, CA. 110 more words

Childhood Trauma