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Trauma May Lead Victims to Drug Use

The connection between substance abuse and sexual exploitation has been well established. For some individuals, drug use begins at some point during their sexual exploitation, and quickly becomes a way to cope with the violence and fear in their lives. 275 more words

How much to share....

I was chatting with a long time friend via Facebook the other day.  We have not met face to face (yet) but I still consider her a friend none the less.   821 more words


Soulfires: Notes on taking it all in.

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it. People think pleasing God is all God cares about. 578 more words

The Ghosts of Sexual Trauma Past

About two weeks ago (give or take) I wrote a post called “Leave Me the F!@# Alone”.  I was talking about who the man who raped me (at the time that I thought he was my best friend and true confidant), contacted me from Mexico offering to buy me a plane ticket to come stay with him. 603 more words


Healing Takes A Lifetime

Child sex trafficking victims suffer horrible trauma. Their freedom is taken away from them. They are often beaten, drugged, and raped for profit. But the after effects are devastating. 337 more words

Healing From Sexual Trauma

In each of us there is a desire to connect intimately with another person. There is a desire to be able to share and enjoy our own body and our partners body without being encumbered by feelings of shame, guilt, fear or anger. 566 more words


I Was Raped While Studying Abroad -- and Blamed for It. This Is #MyStory.

*Trigger warning: sexual violence*

Four years ago I was privileged to spend a semester studying abroad in Rome, Italy. What a beautiful, historically rich, and deliciously decadent city to be living in! 558 more words


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A courageous survivor and true example of moving forward from traumatization! This young woman (like many in this situation) experienced dismissal (even blame) from her school, family members, and little support from the legal system. She is speaking out and choosing not to remain a victim. Healing is a process and finding strength in one's self is a large component in moving from victim to survivor. Being believed and supported is a very large piece of the healing process for victims of sexual trauma. This story is profound due to this young woman's courage, in the face nonsupport. She had the courage to share her story originally and I am hopeful it will be shared many times over for her and other survivors of sexual traumatization.