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Mercy Reaching, Jesus Speaking

Rising panic. I can’t get away. I feel used. I’m dirty. Disposable. There is pain. And darkness. All I see is darkness. Just hurry and get it over with… 111 more words


Journaling confessions

Therapists are obsessed With journaling. At first, I had no intentions of being sucked into this dubious practice, but — well, that’s the topic of another post. 698 more words


x113 (inconvenience)

Isn’t it sad, that I, the survivor, am the one worrying about “inconveniencing” people?

I don’t want to sleep in the house where it happened because it’s triggering. 126 more words

Childhood Sexual Abuse

Voices held captive

On another blog, someone asked poignantly how long my voice had been held captive. This was my reply:

Robert, it was in college that I somehow got up the nerve to send up a desperate cry for help to a therapist I was seeing at the insistence of a concerned friend.

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A Man Raped Me, And I'm Still A Lesbian

She looked at me apologetically and said, “Not for nothing, but every lesbian I know has always had some traumatic experience with a man.” She said it as if I was supposed to cross my arms, look pensively at my shoes, and in my smallest voice say, “Well, there was this one night…” 280 more words


It’s the only way I can describe it.

Seeing, hearing…feeling my own story can sometimes be jarring.

I had the opportunity to share my story in a documentary called… 352 more words

Prayer as therapy

After all the years I’ve spent as a Christian, all the hours I’ve spent reading and studying the Bible, and a lifetime in the church — I should have most of the answers, right? 2,112 more words