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My Sexual Urge

I do not really know why this feelings should always climb on me. I mean, how can someone be hungry for something he/she can’t afford? 71 more words

Airport Frisk

“Beep beep beep” the metal detector goes off.

“Please step aside madam”,

The police officer asks politely.

Frustrated from a long 12 hour flight, Samantha is on edge, to say the least. 1,118 more words


Dancin Nekkid.

Helpful hints from Hecate.

Hello again, my little witchy-poos.  This time I feel I just must talk to all y’all about sex.  Yep, ya heared me right.  631 more words


NO Woman 'Deserves It'

I try not to rant or blatantly state my opinions on Youtube, even when I watch videos about controversial topics (which is most of the time). 638 more words


Touch me.

When i close my eyes,
I can feel your soft touch
Against my skin,
And the pleasure it does bring.
I can see the depths… 33 more words

Creative Writing

Daily Thought.....

I watched him from afar

Inhaled his words

Deep as they dwell in my mind

As I held on to each words that his lips… 179 more words


Homosexuality - from taboo to just a 'NO'

The 21st century is an era, which is called fully developed and acquainted with fair knowledge. This is also an era where we struggle for the maximum freedom and liberation for our well being, and social, and personal security. 1,429 more words