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Children, sexuality & learning...I guess

Some blog that I just subscribed to’s comment section just now. People. Talking about stuff. Things kids are taught, or not taught. Tired. Good night: 384 more words



Every moment you’re there,
you, on my mind,
your body in my head.
Your body on mine, in mine,
and the dizzy colours make my stomach flutter – fl-flutter. 256 more words

Creative Writing

Two Souls

Looking forward

All I see is time

Plenty more for you

I know where your mind goes

When your watching me from behind

Glimpsing behind me… 120 more words


Don't Touch that MUSHROOM!

She fingers her golden dove shaped locket idly, the cold metal probably warm by now. I can’t help but look.

The mushroom sits in the center of the  old dining room table, under pleasant evening lighting. 188 more words


Raped Teen FINALLY Gets Some Justice. #IAmJada

Two teenage boys have been charged in Houston, Texas for the gang rape of a 16-year old girl this past June. According to the victim, Jada, she drank some punch offered to her by a boy at a party she was attending, which turned out to be spiked. 139 more words

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