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Confessions about two missed Sexual Encounters

My memory keeps me flooding about two missed sexual encounters. One was an English Lady in her early sixties and the other was an Indian lady in her late fifties. 833 more words


571.4 - Houston Texas, Sexual Confusing, and Persecuting Churches - YouTube

Five ministers are being commanded to turn in preaching notes for hate speech against homosexuals! This is the same town (Houston) that has started an ordinance that would allow confused individuals that want to be something they are not into the opposite sex public restrooms… no joke… Think about your little girl going into a public bathroom with a grown man in there… what’s next?

When Will I Run out of Stories to Tell about Being in Beirut?!!


I really would like an answer to my question. Every time I think I’ve been through the bad, the worse, and the worst, something happens to prove me VERY wrong. 788 more words


S #11

Because things of great importance seem to happen on my birthdays, my 18th coincided with the first time (of many) with the only person I have actually ever -vomit- ‘made-love’ to. 509 more words

In Bed with Model$ (New Chapter) : Potret Gamblang Ranjang Sang Model


Moammar Emka hanya menyajikan fakta soal sisi lain para model, berdasarakan hasil ‘reportasenya’ yang ditulis dengan caranya. Penyimpulan soal fakta yang tersaji, sepenuhnya menjadi hak pembaca.

552 more words
Resensi Buku

•Crystalized Collarbones•

It’s the chills up my thighs or the blue in my veins.
It’s the fainting of our minds or the pause between our lips.
It has rained in our bed and I’m left in shades of pale black and blue. 53 more words


I’m pretty sure most people know about the 3 girls who were held captive and raped for 10 years. A few days ago someone I was with made a comment saying that, “those girls are better off dead.” I don’t usually get angry easily, and maybe I’m a little extra touchy with this subject, but that is one of the most ignorant things I’ve ever heard. 222 more words