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Lives That Go Unwitnessed

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It hurts the most after spurts of laughter. For instance: I was recently working out in my apartment and heard the Free Willy theme song. 986 more words


The Superman and Time Manipulation

My fingers almost tremble as I write this because I am so angry, angry at the lies, the lies of the centuries that have kept humanity in the dirt. 804 more words

Embracing the Yin in Costa Rica

I developed a strong dislike of Chinese philosophy in early high school, the first time that the well-known yin-yang diagram was explained to me. I’m sure that different words were used, but what I remember being told was that the dark sort of fish looking thing represented the female. 723 more words


Sex: A Garden of blissful Delights

The border between Canada and the U.S. can be as thin as a painted stripe in the middle of a road or as vast as a river, but either way there is a world of difference between the two countries. 832 more words

Why I let my Christian son have a bikini poster in his room

If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would allow my 14 year old son to have a swim suit poster in his room I would have told you that you were nuts. 1,513 more words


HIV-killing condom to make market debut

Outreach programs regarding HIV information are once again picking up, as data indicates HIV rates have remained relatively unchanged for a number of years. Fearful the public has lost the sense of urgency related to this illness, health officials have started promoting the latest and greatest medications and precautions. 361 more words


Re: Dear White Gays: Stop Stealing Black Female Culture

Earlier this month, TIME magazine published an essay by Sierra Mannie, a young black woman who made an eloquent, fervent plea for white gay men to stop stealing black female culture. 1,028 more words