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Prude on Girl Boner Radio

A few weeks back, I was thrilled to be a guest on the lovely August McLaughlin’s Girl Boner Radio. What does “girl boner” mean, you ask? 107 more words


Representing Authentically: All Through The Night

At the risk of losing credibility for my five years spent in Cleveland, OH, I confess the stories I was told about Pittsburgh, PA were unfounded. 604 more words


I'm So Over Your Sexy: Why Spirituality & Sexuality Belong in the Same Sentence

Trust, I dig a good-looking person as much as the next hot blooded 35 year old blogger but we have got to stop the body dismorphic insanity that is crushing spirits the world over.” – yeah, that would be me. 80 more words


Monogomous Group Sex - would you take the plunge?

Is this a thing? The idea is that group of friends get together and have sex with their partners while they are all together in the same room. 306 more words


I’m sure you know Ray Boltz. He is the composer of the popular Christian songs “Thank you for giving to the Lord” and “ 651 more words


Meditate or Masturbate: 3 Songs To Get You There

When you are meditating masturbating, the aim is to get out of your head. You are always up there, give it a rest! Ambient sounds of some music can keep your mind from wondering off, relax you by lowering your blood pressure and heart rate, and even increase the amount of dopamine (a “feel good” neurotransmitter released during sex) being released into your brain. 297 more words


Cappuccino Baby Just For You...


She’s a girl with passions and desires. She’s gifted at knowing just how to drive you wild by arousing all your senses and bring you to a level of ecstasy. 67 more words