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As though you've taken wing

You writhe against the bed
Pull at the constraints
But I look at the smile
And the light in your eyes
As though you had taken wing… 11 more words

Be Naked!

Ok, so this post is going to talk frankly about nudity and sex so if that makes you uncomfortable, stop reading. *cough*family I shared this blog with *couch) So you’ve been warned. 911 more words

Fat Acceptance

A Few (876) Words On Sexuality and Self-Discovery

I went to the post office yesterday and noticed that they now offer Harvey Milk themed postage stamps. Maybe they have for a while; I don’t know. 897 more words


Who defines who we are? Society or ourselves.

Do we let society tell us who and what we are?

Do we defy the cookie cutter?

Or do we bloom into an individual?

What I am getting at is gender. 118 more words


Starships Were Meant to Fly

I am fascinated by the most recent “slut-shaming” incident involving Nicki Minaj. An album cover featuring a mostly nude Minaj has swept the internet and is now being slut shamed. 201 more words

Thoughts On Life

Broken Sexuality, Part I

I want to have a conversation.

It’s about something I feel we either oversimplify or mischaracterize or ignore altogether in Evangelical Christendom. It’s making evangelical Christians (with whom I mostly identify) woefully unprepared not just to engage the lost, but to address the issue with brothers and sisters in Christ who struggle with it.  274 more words


A New Beginning

Some of you know, some may not that I am the director of New Beginnings Support Ministry. We just started our ministry blog.

Won’t you please check it out and if you like what you find: 25 more words