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Does it make me gay/bisexual?

“I fantasize about the same sex. I watch gay porn more than I watch straight porn.”

If don’t know why you feel the need to define yourself. 87 more words



“And if all womankind banded together and took the male path, the world would turn into one huge brothel.” ~M. Ageyev

We are not a brothel…  By the end of this post, you should understand why.

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Asexual Comic #5

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A Tale of Two Play Parties

Content warning for trans-antagonism and rape culture.

I’ve been doing kink in private for years, but in the past six months I finally broke out into the public kink scene and went to my first two play parties. 2,194 more words


My love has no label

Some people say you don’t have to come out if you don’t want to. And I can fully relate to this point of view. Private life is a private matter of a particular person and it’s entirely up to them to decide on whether to share it with others or not. 279 more words


#mylifematters Part II


Part II


I wish I remember the details of what follows, though, really, it’s better that I don’t. I remember enough and I’ll share that with you. 3,997 more words


Someone borrowed

The ring on
her finger
feels heavy
She doesn’t
Dream about
the same
Things anymore
She thought
Being kept was
The shining ideal
But she’s tormented… 6 more words