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The Sessions [2012 Week]

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(real spoilers ahead in the last paragraph)

The Sessions is an exceptional movie not just because of its subject matter but also because of the way it deals with it. 778 more words


The Golden Rule

Our sex life is definitely improving. We are so close to our ideal.

There’s potential energy between my legs. A hum, ready to become a roar. 223 more words



He was too young to be so infinite.
But he had the new ice age in his cool, lingering gaze.
And I lost my viginity to frostbite.


And so it begins......

Ok, let me give you some background here to assist you with the story. I am sure my story is similar to some.

I knew the fact that I always wanted to play the Dad in ‘Mums and Dads’ at school was not really normal. 1,540 more words


The Gamer Gate Controversy

Admittedly, I’ve not been keeping up with the theatrics of #gamergate in real time but having studied a number of articles written about it I have decided to write something about it. 1,739 more words


Kiss, Read, Write..

Kiss, read, listen to music, write, make love, make peace, walk, drink water, exercise, look in the mirror and say “I love you” even if it is hard, fuck, fuck around, play on the internet, pray, play, say what you need to say. 8 more words


Katy Perry's "Experimental Game"

Katy Perry’s “Experimental Game”
Written by: Tania Saunders
May 19, 2013

This paper will examine Katy Perry’s professional career as a pop singer, songwriter, and musician through a sociological lens. 3,620 more words