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Why Lusting After Someone Keeps You From Truly Loving Them

Lust is one of the seven deadly sins or capital sins, whichever you prefer. But I don’t think too many of us in secular or religious spaces really pay attention to lust. 847 more words

License To Strip

Elizabeth Nolan Brown asks whether it’s really necessary for strippers to have occupational licenses:

Dancers and managers at a Washington state strip club are now suing to stop their county from releasing their names, photos, and other identifying information to a man who has filed a public records request for it. 

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The Dish

I never said I was an actual angel.


I said I was like a brown-haired angel

beating back the cold night air

with my dirty wings.

You never said that.

Yes. 77 more words


sugarcoat-free zone

tip #39

ladies, the first step to having great sex all the time is being blunt about what you want.

“i want a guy with a huge dick to face fuck me all night.”

Sex Tip Of The Day.


Yup, you guessed it, this is another post about her, from now on I’m not going to say her name because it has been said :) 276 more words


Working from Collages

Inspired by the work of Wangechi Mutu, I made some collages from images I’d already gathered from pornography websites. I carefully considered the concept I want to strongly portray, of feelings felt by women who have been sexually abused (including women who feel that they were used for sex by men, and their bodies later discarded). 149 more words


Woman's Sexuality in a social orders created by men...

…there are biological differences between women and men but the differences we perceive between actual males and females are not given by nature but created by the social context… 557 more words

Crimes Against Women