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Living in one place.
A star-dot sky bound
Dusty heels and Slim Dusty hats
We are the kilometers, the sun and the heat
Living in one place… 145 more words


Heart Break

I lie in my bed,
Images of you run in my head.

Tears rush down my cheeks;
Memories of you make me weak.

I can’t help but to weep, … 86 more words

Sexually Explicit

I'm Over You

Look into my deep brown eyes,

and don’t be surprised if you 
realize I seen through your lies. 
When you kiss these luscious lips 
or place your hands upon these caramel hips,  42 more words

Sexually Explicit

Good Morning

I’m lying next to you watching you sleep.

Planning to wake you up,
To a yummy morning treat.

I put you in my mouth while still soft and asleep. 220 more words

Sexually Explicit

Don't Take Me Like That



Please, Baby, don’t take me like that,
With hard feelings and hurtful touches;

But make it like you promised,
Sweet, Innocent, and True, like you are to me. 60 more words

Sexually Explicit

Do Women Really Like it Rough?

I’ve had “rough sex” before; I’ve been spanked on my ass plenty of times, had my hair pulled, even been caned once while strung up with my hands over my head. 265 more words

Sexually Explicit

Blue is the Warmest Colour

Bloody hell, subtitles.  That was kind of my first thought with this film.  Subtitles make a film so hard to enjoy.  I’m not saying my school-girl French is poor, but if I had to rely on it for the duration of a film I’d only understand the bits where someone says their name, asks for a window to be opened or asks for directions to the tourist information office. 434 more words