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Of Bare Beaches, Bawdy Billboards, And Affairs of State: Why we’re (unfortunately) more like Europe than we think

Ever heard this one before? “America is so prudish! Why, in Europe they have bare-breasted women in advertisements and no one bats an eye. They even have nude beaches all over the place! 1,057 more words


Zoning for "adult use" businesses a local priority

HAMPTON, Iowa – It’s a hot button topic that was getting plenty of attention at the end of 2014 and continues to be in a local county. 179 more words


An open letter to Male Pinterest Users…

Dear male Pinterest users, for the love of all that is holy please stop clogging up my feed with your god damn porn!!

I understand that this letter won’t apply to all of you, or even most of you. 684 more words


Merry Christmas, Gertrude Baniszewski

Gertrude Baniszewski sat at the edge of her bunk staring at her bare feet. Her mattress was rolled up for the day and the metal of the bunk under her ass was beginning to hurt. 3,415 more words


Love Cake

He sure looks good for a young guy so damn dumb. Bet he’s got a nice cock. That’s what Deb thought when she looked down from the bakery to the deli counter. 2,831 more words