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Pope Francis Tells Catholics That They Shouldn't Be Breeding 'Like Rabbits'

Pope Francis used his return journey from Asia to insist that the Catholic Church’s prohibition on artificial contraception does not necessitate followers bearing an enormous brood of children. 166 more words

EP 101 - DIRTY 30 "Black Women & Single Motherhood" - Documentary Series on HIV and AIDS ***messymandella***

AIDS and HIV are prevalent in the urban communities and some still use casual sexual practices as if this will not eventually catch up with you. 558 more words

Self Respect

Peeling Paint

“Ma’am, I am calling about your test results. Do you have a few minutes to talk?” I could hear the kids, I knew each of them, talking and shouting in the background. 340 more words

Sexual Empowerment Doesn't Necessarily Mean PVC….

A few weeks ago I came across The Stylist Sex Survey 2014 in the 11th December issue of “The Stylist.” I like The Stylist, which is a weekly UK freebie aimed at female commuters, which obviously includes regular bits on one of our favourite topics: Sex. 547 more words

Sexually Transmitted Disease

British Travel Guide Warns Seniors About Dangers Of Unprotected Sex

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – When the British government put out a public health safety checklist for seniors going on cruises, it probably didn’t expect to draw much attention. 133 more words


STDs are worse for women


….So why are women impacted by STDs differently than men? A few key reasons go a long way to explaining feminine vulnerability:

One/ For many common STDs — including chlamydia and gonorrhea — women are less likely to show symptoms compared to men and when symptoms do occur, they may appear to go away even though the infection remains.

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STDs in the animal kingdom

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) occur throughout the animal kingdom, from flatworms to mammals. There are over 200 STDs in 48 families, and over 100 STDs are found in mammals. 494 more words