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Company gets new name after protests by Hawaiians - West Hawaii Today

Company gets new name after protests by Hawaiians West Hawaii Today The state Senate Hawaiian Affairs Caucus and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs had issued a statement calling the Hula name “highly insensitive, tactless and inappropriate.” After…

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10 commonly asked questions about Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) in Kenya

  1. Is it a sexually transmitted infection? – Some UTIs are a result of sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea and Chlamydia. However, most urinary tract infections are not due to a sexually transmitted organism!
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Prostate cancers in young men through roof


“But, the researchers found, when prostate cancer strikes at a younger age, it’s likely because the tumor is growing quickly.

“Early onset prostate cancer tends to be aggressive, striking down men in the prime of their life.

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5-Year-Old Girl Has STD in Her Mouth as Police Investigates Family

Police are investigating a Marion, Ind., family after a 5-year-old girl was diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease. According to reports by NBC 33, the child was tested for an STD in early July, which is repulsive enough. 95 more words

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Shocker: gay men can't keep it in their pants, HIV rates soar because it's seen as nbd


Sure, let’s give ‘em drugs, it isn’t as if that caused the problem to begin with. Don’t tell them to use condoms or stop fucking around like responsible adults with self-control, no, give ‘em free drugs to allow Pn’P ( 197 more words

Should we circumcise women to prevent throat cancer in men?


I’m always amused by the exceptionalism of feminists.
One rule for you men, another for us women. Hate men? Of course not.
I’ve asked so many feminists a barometer question: would you sleep with an uncircumcised man? 33 more words


New chlamydia cases rising as Calgary enters boom time for STIs

Promiscuous Calgarians are being urged to think twice before knocking boots this Stampede as new numbers show the province isn’t meeting targets around combating sexually transmitted infections. 380 more words