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Play #11: The Out-of-Towner

The Out-of-Towner

What you will need: To be at a location away from where you live

Purpose: To strike a conversation with an cutie with the hopes of turning it into some night sucky-sucky… 817 more words


(PHOTOS) Morning Wood: It’s Yoga Pants Friday!

And on the eighth day God created yoga pants. Happy Friday, Dirty Turban Nation.

Enjoy the weekend.

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I was thinking I have not seen any sexy girls this time in Berlin but my god they all came out today

“I was thinking I have not seen any sexy girls this time in Berlin, but my god, they all came out today. Pretty, beautiful, sexy, mindblowing, they were all around me today, especially on the bus journey back from Friedrichstraße to Zoo. 64 more words

Play #9: The Hero

The Hero

What you will need: (1) crowded dance floor, (1) very dedicated wingman

Purpose: Icebreaker

The scenario: This is a play that you will probably want to run at a night club of some sorts.   913 more words


Play #8: The Slacker

The Slacker/The Alex Moran

What you will need: Some athletic ability

Purpose: To help you bone bad bitches left and right

The scenario: The Slacker  824 more words