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Panties, Panties, Everywhere... But Not A Pair To Sniff!

I have been too busy the past 48 hours, or so, to write any worthwhile posts, but I sure have had many people view, like, and even comment on the posts regarding… 94 more words


Some Crazy Guy Wants To Buy A Pair Of My Soiled Panties! Can You Imagine?

Now, this is something I never dreamed of… some guy, some crazy guy, one of my regular readers, wants to buy a pair of my soiled panties! 156 more words


Oil Or Vaginas... Which One Really Rules The World?

I have mentioned that oil prices keep dropping, but I really could not care less. I do not invest in oil companies, I don’t plan to, I don’t trade commodity futures, and I don’t even buy gasoline, because I don’t need, want, or own a car! 143 more words


Oil Prices Keep Dropping And Have Not Yet Bottomed Out! Also... College Debt Advice!

Carl Icahn, who spoke with CNBC’s “Fast Money: Halftime Report,” said that Saudi Arabia’s decision not to cut oil production blindsided the global market, and that he expects the commodity’s price will keep sliding. 360 more words


Home Depot Shoppers Be Very Careful. Danger!

*** URGENT ***Please share this with your friends and family immediately. If you shop at Home Depot or have any reason to be in a Home Depot parking lot, you need to take the utmost precautions. 185 more words