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Monday February 17 AM.

 I awoke hard and early, like always, and looked to see 5:38 burning bright red on the clock near my head.  The sexy Italian was sleeping soundly next to me, dark hair spilled across white sheets like some abstract art.  1,538 more words

Thursday February 13

Why Feb 13? The day before valentines, that bullshit day invented by schmucks to sell cards and flowers. 

So it begins when my girlfriend of 4 years broke up with me.  159 more words

I’m gonna do this blog like how I always wanted to do it. I have secrets, and I’m about to unveil everyone of them. Everybody thinks I’m a quiet, sweet girl, but things get nasty when I get horny. And now, my story begins …


Senses muted

Feeling the hot caress of your

hand down my body,

down my legs,

down my soul.

I can smell your scent,

though my eyes are blinded… 242 more words

Sexy Story

Oral Sex Workshop (or Victoria, Your Twenty Minutes Start NOW) - flash fiction

Each of our Sultry Scribes writers closed her eyes, opened a magazine, and pointed to her topic. Mine? Oral Sex Lessons! Here it is:

Caitlyn poked out her tongue while she stood in front of the mirror. 547 more words

Victoria Black

Erotic Reader: Carmen - Stranger in the Night

Carmen unhappily found out that Harry had a massive ego as things became more serious and she began accompanying him to his vernisages and shows.  One time too many Carmen found herself standing alone, seething, drinking a glass of white wine while Harry dealt with all of the insufferable college art student groupies that clung to him, doe-eyed and flirtatious. 1,264 more words


Erotic Reader - Carmen: Two Different Faces Pt.2

Carmen spent the next two weeks reading expensive art books and wandering around local art galleries and museums.  She had not heard from Harry since they met at his show.  1,290 more words