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You can now buy Tony Abbott condoms, because getting laid wasn't hard enough

Ever get so mad with our PM that you just want to wrap your dick with him and go to town with your significant other who has also be screwed over by the PM on Higher Education fees, doll payments, fuel prices etc. 199 more words


Silly Season Update

Sorry I’ve been a tad quiet, its just the silly season and for so many reasons. So here’s an update.

Tradies are starting to not turn up here because they’re busy right before Christmas. 881 more words

Rambling Goat

My favorite sexy werewolf got his own book

My rating: 4 stars

This book is a very quick read. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Let me point out, there are a TON of reviews on Goodreads that this book is all sex and no monsters…well…that is the damn point! 452 more words

Book Review

Alternative names for 'rude' parts

Who uses the phrase mammory glands? Or perineum? (I actually had to google it to get the right spelling so obviously not me.. :D

Here’s a delightful list of alternative words and phrases for your bits and bobs (most off the odd ones are courtesy of NU!), because medical terminology is laaame. 143 more words

Rambling Goat

Except Wednesday - Our Little Secrets

It’s Excerpt Wednesday once again! I thought this week I’d mix it up a little and highlight a book from my backlist, namely Our Little Secrets… 638 more words

Merry Farmer

The 21 Year Old (V's Story...)

Being involved with a social circle who identify strongly with poly, kink, lifestyle and other sexually liberal lifestyles we often find ourselves in situations where there is an openly sexual mood or situation. 774 more words

You know the sex is bad when.. #2

After cracking up from NU’s last post in front of my mum (and having to walk away to avoid explaining what was so funny..), I thought I’d carry it on and tell my tales too. 1,203 more words

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