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Except Wednesday - Our Little Secrets

It’s Excerpt Wednesday once again! I thought this week I’d mix it up a little and highlight a book from my backlist, namely Our Little Secrets… 638 more words

Merry Farmer

The 21 Year Old (V's Story...)

Being involved with a social circle who identify strongly with poly, kink, lifestyle and other sexually liberal lifestyles we often find ourselves in situations where there is an openly sexual mood or situation. 774 more words

You know the sex is bad when.. #2

After cracking up from NU’s last post in front of my mum (and having to walk away to avoid explaining what was so funny..), I thought I’d carry it on and tell my tales too. 1,203 more words

Rambling Goat

Nonsense Review: Devondale Margarine

I don’t normally eat butter/margarine. There’s only 2 things I use it for:
*On bread with Vegemite – yep classic Aussie.
*Cooking mushrooms in it (with thyme) – honestly, soooo good with eggs for breakfast. 156 more words

Rambling Goat

Bad Girl Blogger

I didn’t think I was a bad girl.. But I took a look at myself – I’ve got fetlife open, am wearing no underwear and earlier I sent sharn a pic of my tits. 679 more words

Rambling Goat

Good relationships start with sex

Most of my relationships have started with sex.  What was meant to be a one night stand always turned into two nights, three nights,  and then a legit relationship. 937 more words

Life Advice

Excerpt Wednesday - Trail of Hope

Oh boy! It’s the last excerpt Wednesday before the release of Trail of Hope on Monday! Here’s a particularly juicy snippet for you….

He folded the shirt and laid it aside and settled back into the bedroll, arranging the blanket over them, then pulled her back into his arms. 465 more words

Merry Farmer