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Sexy Zone Channel 2014.07.02 Review

After completing their fishing challenge unsuccessfully in the previous episode of Sexy Zone Channel, the members of SZ waved goodbye to the audience, then were accosted by the staff and told that there was another location shoot to do. 1,718 more words

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Sexy Zone 「King & Queen & Joker」

1. King & Queen & Joker
2. 待ったなんてなしっ!
3. 2020 Come on to Tokyo
4. Power of RunOK
5. King & Queen & Joker (Off Vocal) 14 more words



 Name : Sexy Zone CHANNEL

On Aired Date : 2014.02.26 – present

Broadcast Time : Wednesday, 22:00 – 23:00

Episode : Ongoing… 46 more words

Sexy Zone



 Artist : NYC

Photobook : COLORS

Release Date : 2013.07.05

Publisher : Wani Books

ISBN : 978-4-8470-4555-4

Price : ¥2,095


  • NYC Special Cross Talk…
78 more words

Sexy Zone

Sexy Zone Channel 2014.06.18 Review

Fishing. To my mind, fishing is a lot like golf – possibly a fun activity in certain contexts, but I can’t imagine how watching people do it could be entertaining. 1,774 more words

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Sexy Zone Channel 2014.06.04 Review

I wasn’t as excited about watching this episode of Sexy Zone Channel as most of the others because it’s another food episode, and you know how I think they’re the bane of variety shows, hence the delay in the review. 1,315 more words

Variety Shows

Sato Shori

Sato Shori (佐藤勝利)


Nickname : Shori (勝利), Shoori (しょーり), Shoritan (しょりたん), Shoripon (しょうりぽん), Shori-kun (勝利くん)

Birthplace : Tokyo, Japan

Birthdate : October 30, 1996… 270 more words

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