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The Wind-Up Girl

The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi

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don’t read this book unless you want a very complex tale of:

Contemporary Literature

The (long) college story

Its a crazy story how I was accepted to college. I applied to five colleges- San Jose, Long Beach, San Francisco, Sacramento and Chico. All colleges with the newer trending major for event planning. 911 more words

Surprising Support for SF's Last Republican

While some Mission residents have a troubled relationship with tech companies and their employees, most have no issues with tech products and using them to amplify their voices. 1,488 more words

San Francisco

Science Fiction's Political Mars

“A paradigm, and a million dreams, died with a single, grainy snapshot. Space insiders believe that the disappointment of Mariner 4 killed off the post-Apollo space programme: if Mars had turned out to be a worthwhile destination, we’d have gone there by now.”

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Science Fiction

A little about me...

The only appropriate first post would have to be about me, right?

My name is Amanda Tran a.k.a. Mandee, Mands, A Tran, the princess, or the sports obsessed girl…I’m currently studying journalism at San Diego State, but I was born and raised in the Bay Area. 183 more words


First Short Story Submitted

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have made my first-ever submission of a short story for publication (and that I’m still alive, not that one has anything to do with the other). 163 more words


Microsoft announces 'Windows 9' event in San Francisco on September 30th | The Verge

The Verge -Windows 9 Event
So this is happening… Microsoft announces a Windows 9 event set to take place Sept 30th in SF, CA. I’m still on Windows 7; by choice though. 98 more words