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If you can make it out despite my awful camera skills, that’s Liu Cixin’s THE THREE-BODY PROBLEM, R.S. Belcher’s THE SHOTGUN ARCANA, Beth Bernobich’s THE TIME ROADS, V.E. 29 more words


Review copies received

I think Orbit US might have a hiccup in their records, because that’s the second copy of ANCILLARY SWORD and of WAR DOGS that has come through my door. 33 more words


Posting Fiction to a Blog

For those of you who don’t know, normally every weekend I update the Jakob’s Journal section of my site. Jakob is a priest at the Temple of the Seven Sisters in Aramas, a city in my novel Ashborne. 167 more words



artwork by loish

The world will not end with a bang, but with a whisper. I should know, I’m the one who’ll end it and I don’t plan on making much noise. 120 more words


About The Blog.

A place to document the highs and lows of writing.

Most of the content will focus on my current work in progress. The journey as I complete the second half of it and then go through the long and tedious process of rewrites/edits/seeking publishing representation/becoming a published author. 46 more words


Books in brief: King, Balogh, Lindsey, Asaro, Merciel, Zettel, Simone, Clulow, and Herrin

Laurie R. King, To Play The Fool and With Child. Picador, 2014 editions.

The second and third installment in King’s Kate Martinelli series. The interesting thing about these novels, I realised as I read her standalone books – discussed next paragraph – is how much more King is interested in character, in suffering, in relationships, than she is in the intellectual puzzle of whodunnit. 644 more words


Review - Darwin's Radio

Darwin’s Radio, Greg Bear

As warned by a friend, the ideas here are pretty fascinating — the book might be fifteen years behind in terms of science, but there’s nothing inherently ridiculous about the idea based on the scientific knowledge of the time — but the actual narrative is pretty deadly boring. 122 more words