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Books in brief: King, Balogh, Lindsey, Asaro, Merciel, Zettel, Simone, Clulow, and Herrin

Laurie R. King, To Play The Fool and With Child. Picador, 2014 editions.

The second and third installment in King’s Kate Martinelli series. The interesting thing about these novels, I realised as I read her standalone books – discussed next paragraph – is how much more King is interested in character, in suffering, in relationships, than she is in the intellectual puzzle of whodunnit. 644 more words


Review - Darwin's Radio

Darwin’s Radio, Greg Bear

As warned by a friend, the ideas here are pretty fascinating — the book might be fifteen years behind in terms of science, but there’s nothing inherently ridiculous about the idea based on the scientific knowledge of the time — but the actual narrative is pretty deadly boring. 122 more words


Review copies

That’s Sam Sykes’ A CITY STAINED RED (Orbit); Liane Merciel’s DRAGON AGE: LAST FLIGHT (Tor); Alastair Reynolds’ ON THE STEEL BREEZE (Orbit); and Greg Bear’s WARDOGS (Orbit).


Review: Hugh Howey - Wool

Rating: a very engaging read, good characters

Wool by Hugh Howey has a post-apocalyptic setting: Something has happened to life on Earth so that the biosphere is gone and life on the surface of the planet is no longer possible. 442 more words


SHADOWBOXER by Tricia Sullivan: not a review

It’s a truism that not every book is for every reader. Shadowboxer is Tricia Sullivan’s latest novel and first foray into YA, out now from Solaris Books’ Rebellion imprint. 136 more words


Genesis by Bernard Beckett

Genesis belongs to Anaximander, a student appearing for her qualifying exams at The Academy in a near futuristic world. Her subject of choice is Adam Forde; the man responsible for a wide spread rebellion in the post apocalyptic world known as The Republic. 444 more words

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