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Review copies: Abercrombie, Brust, Erikson

Joe Abercrombie’s HALF A KING, which I’m supposed to review for Strange Horizons; Steven Brust’s HAWK (Vlad Taltos, how much do I like this series?); and Steven Erikson’s WILLFUL CHILD, which is hopefully a much better Star Trek parody than Scalzi’s REDSHIRTS was.


Penance and Offerings

36th Day of Ripening Season, 342 years after Mourning

The larders are haunted. Spirits, they say, and wraiths! The children here do not need lessons on death; they are familiar with that journey. 1,000 more words


Opinion: Ann Leckie - Ancillary Justice (2013)

publisher: Orbit

length: 416 pages (paperback edition)

obtained: bought e-book at amazon

my rating: 5/5

This is not really a review, although I will try my best. 293 more words


You Gotta Make Way for the Homo Superior

In the ghetto the F/O/R/K people shuffle along, grey heads bowed, orange jumpsuits stained with the muck and mire of persisting.  I wonder how they persist?  119 more words

Creative Writing

New (library) books

When Orbit announced that it would only include extended excerpts of its Hugo nominated novels in this year’s voter packet, I checked other options for getting hold of the books. 531 more words