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Cosplay Crush: The Stargate

I regularly see cosplays based on the Stargate series at Comic Cons. Fans dressing up as Jack O’Neill, Daniel, and Teal’c, seems to be a regular occurrence at conventions. 127 more words


Stargate Series in Chronological Order

So I’ve recently gotten into watching Stargate SG1 but I have already seen all of Stargate Atlantis. (I know SG1 is first but I was too distracted by a sexy Jason Momoa) Anyways, I was trying to find which order they should be watched so I can pick up on the references between them that I would have missed by watching Atlantis first. 154 more words


On life

I don’t often post quotes, as more often than not they’ll come across as cheesy or faux-intellectual. And I suspect they won’t make sense unless you’re in the right frame of mind (or rather, within the same context as myself when I found the quote interesting). 46 more words