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New Ferguson Twist: Brown Family And The Pastors Tell Malik Zulu Shabazz To Scram

Leisa Zigman you may have just redeemed your station.  Not really, but good job.

There’s trouble in the Ferguson paradise narrative:

Church leaders are demanding that Malik Shabazz, president of the Black Lawyers for Justice and former chairman of the New Black Panther Party, leave Ferguson because he is escalating violence.

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[VIDEO] Malik Shabazz: Provocateurs, Plants Causing Violence in Ferguson

“We cannot allow this movement to be destroyed — we’re here for justice.”

From The CornerAndrew Johnson reports: “Intentional provocateurs” and “outside infiltrators” are responsible for the eruptions of violence during the protests of peaceful marchers in Ferguson, Mo., according to Black Lawyers for Justice president Malik Shabazz. 141 more words

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