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Shabbat (tomorrow), Yizkor (Monday), and the Counting of the Omer

Dear Congregation Beth Israel members and friends,

Those of you who were here at our second-night community seder heard me wax rhapsodic about the counting of the Omer. 380 more words


Noise and Reflections

There are a number of noisy drums beating these days.

Political drums, environmental drums, international drums…

Religious drums.

With the first stage of the lunar eclipse tetrad now past, the ramp up begins in the christian camps. 599 more words


An American Girl In Paris: Livry-Gargan

Dear Friend,

After a fantastic night’s sleep, I was rested and ready for my first full day in France! Because we had a big Shabbat dinner planned at Stephane’s brother’s house, we wanted to take the day to relax and explore the town a little. 1,094 more words

Shabbat, Shabbat, Shabbat (because the stuff in between is a lot less exciting)

It’s been 3 weeks since a post about my actual daily life… sue me.¬†

Really, the Sunday- Thursday schedule never really changes. It’s an early wake up, work, internet/shopping/cooking, promising myself I’ll go to bed early, and then only sometimes going to bed early. 442 more words

Boldly Living: As you actively live in the Lord's presence you will become more sensitive!

Boldly Living: One of the sly tactics from the enemy is to desensitize God’s children. So as you begin to actively live in the Lord’s presence you may become more sensitive to someone saying the Lord’s name in vain: and not just the cuss word, but also things like “the man upstairs,” etc; you will also find yourself more sensitive to people using the word “hope” as wishful thinking, or basically mixed with doubt: Hope means ‘strong expectation.’ So when you use the word “hope” may you expect results! 248 more words

A Deeper Fellowship

Parsha post: Acharei

This week’s parsha is from Leviticus 16:1-18:30 and Amos 9:7-15.

The Leviticus section picks up after the deaths of Aaron’s two sons because they were not treating the tabernacle or God with proper respect. 255 more words

Camp Gilgal

Groundhog Day Judaism

By: Eric Brauner

A few weeks ago, one of the great comic and (in my opinion) philosophical masters of our time, Harold Ramis, left this world. 805 more words

The Jewish Experience