2:54- Shacklewell Arms. 4th December 2014.

The best things in life are free (thanks Luther and Janet) and also, sometimes the best things are kept a secret. Yesterday afternoon whilst tearing my eyes away from work for a split second (15 minutes) I saw Bella Union’s clue as to who was their secret headliner for their Christmas show at the Shacklewell Arms. 859 more words

Dios Mio - 'Body'

It’s almost a year ago since we tipped Dios Mio as one of our ‘One’s To Watch 2014’ – and in all modesty, we were pretty damn right to do so! 232 more words

New To Me, Knew To You?

Best New Music: Kikagaku Moyo - 'Pond'

  So I recently came across Kikagaku Moyo (Japanese for “Geometric Patterns”), after seeing a Falmouth sound engineer post about them on Facebook. “I don’t usually do stuff like this but I engineered for these guys yesterday and they blew my mind”, he said, along with a link to this song ‘Pond’. 46 more words

Three Beams