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Bad Guys and Hurting People

We had a house full of fun little folks today.  They played and ran and talked and got to know each other in such a way that I am convinced the littles in this world should be in charge of peace negotiations. 397 more words

What is the BIG IDEA?

How can one determine whether a particular action is morally evil or morally good? sinful or not?

What other realizations can you derive from the lesson?  8 more words

Shades Of Gray

Pope Francis and Lying

Read the following and respond individually to the questions that follow. Publish your reply as a response to this post.

It is well-known that during his lifetime, Pope Francis’s homeland of Argentina has been wracked by problems, including a brutal dictatorship that kidnapped and killed large numbers of its own citizens. 447 more words

Shades Of Gray

Life Support

A certain family has a relative who is suffering from a very serious disease, which requires operation. Apparently, all that the operation can do in the end is keep him alive on a life support, barely conscious and unable to talk. 116 more words

Shades Of Gray


Suppose you found a child starving, next to a rich man’s mansion. Being poor yourself, you have nothing to offer of your own, but you see plenty of food out on tables – leftovers from a banquet the wealthy man and his friends just finished. 86 more words

Shades Of Gray

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2 Awards

Well, we’ve finished Season 2 of TNG, and I thought it would be fun to hand out some awards. I’ve decided to break it down into a couple categories. 330 more words

Star Trek

CLE IB: Prudence Worksheet Part I

1. What is prudence?

  • Prudence is the ability to make right judgement. It is the ability to be able to look at a situation and know what ought to be done.
  • 380 more words