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Illuminated Darkness, New Moon in Scorpio

Upon waking this morning, I welcomed my perceived ‘demons’ in in a way I never have before. Before this morning when I welcomed in my ‘demons’, or representations of my Shadow Self, I was ‘doing it’ because I thought ‘I should’. 144 more words

The Adventures

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza set out to search for Dulcinea and experience a number of adventures. While these adventures will seem like failures to a three-dimensional, complex man, to the two-dimensional man there is always a reason because the fantasy is his inner reality. 489 more words

Shadow Work

Of Shadow, Gods, and the Gift of Dream

Two gates the silent house of Sleep adorn;
Of polish’d ivory this, that of transparent horn:
True visions thro’ transparent horn arise;
Thro’ polish’d ivory pass deluding lies.
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Divine Encounters

An Unsettling Dream of Tangled Threads, and some Shadow Work to Resolve It.

I will call this first part a dream, but it happened in the half world between sleep and wakefulness, after a series of other dreams which also dealt with themes of inadequacy and self hurt. 1,452 more words


Don Quixote

The two-dimensional man.

According to Jungian analyst Robert Johnson, Don Quixote is a “near-perfect representation of two-dimensional man—the simple peasant man.”

For those unfamiliar with the tale, Miguel Cervantes, when he was in his 50s in the early 17th century, wrote the novel while living in squalor in a single room. 536 more words

Shadow Work

Halloween Oracle Therapeutic Reading / Consulta Terapéutica con el Oráculo de Halloween.

Referring to the modern transpersonal and gestalt psicology, the dark Halloween Archetypes can help us to connect with our subconscious, our jungian shadow, our fear and the most undiscoveder part of ourself, to achieve a more serene and balanced life. 841 more words


A Beautiful Reason to Make Ugly Art

It was one of those afternoons.

I’d been trolling websites looking for inspiration, because even though I’ve been threatening it for ages, in the next year I truly am going to revitalize both my websites. 687 more words

Cultivating Creativity