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The Evolution of Three to Four

Carl Jung spent his final years fascinated by the evolution of consciousness, and more specifically by the number three moving to four. To him, the number three represented a consciousness that was time-dominated, and devoted to acting, doing, processing and accomplishing. 704 more words

Shadow Work

The Ugly Duckling

A few days ago, I picked up a tiara. It’s an odd item to acquire out of the blue, particularly for me, because I don’t really surround myself with flashy things. 1,685 more words

Shadow Eruption at the Dark Time of Year

“There is nothing covered that shall not be revealed: and hid that shall not be known,” Jesus is reported as saying in the Gospel of St. 600 more words

The Four-Dimensional Man

When Goethe published Part I of Faust in 1808, he was 59 years old, and Faust is left with no solution to his “Faustian” dilemma. And yet, he has become far more aware of his condition than he was at the beginning of the play. 731 more words

Shadow Work

Talking About The Movie Click, And Gratitude by Rowena J Ronson

Talking About The Movie Click, And Gratitude by Rowena J Ronson

Since discovering Shadow Work and stepping on to ‘the carpet’ to do a process last month during a wonderful workshop in the West Country, I have been much more aware of my shadow and have been welcoming its presence to create a healthier and more balanced emotional life. 713 more words


Ayahuasca : Dancing beyond lifes veil with ancient tools

I lost my mind to day … it was terrifying , It was incredible

Although I run ceremonies nearly every week end . I seldom get the chance to actually go in deep and do my own work with this special teacher . 4,375 more words

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When It Comes to Our Darkest Emotions, the Only Way out Is through

You know that feeling when you’re falling into hell, when it’s already pure agony and you’re not even half way down yet? It is an awful feeling…fire breathing dragon at your feet, gnawing at your toes, and the obliteration of your soul coming at you, faster and faster. 232 more words