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Imagine This

“Imagine this. One day, our children will learn about love at school. They will take classes in love and self-esteem, explore the meaning of “I love you,” learn to listen to their hearts, and be encouraged to follow their joy. 758 more words

Changing Subconscious Beliefs

The Simple Life


I would wager simplicity isn’t something most people associate with Loki. He’s a God of Change. He’s a god of Mischievousness. He’s Mr. Tricky. With Loki’s love of Truth though, at least the truths we tell ourselves, he’s also a lover of the direct route. 165 more words

Loki's Nature



To bring a little tranquility and peace to your home. Selenite also helps to bring clarity of mind, a great stone to work with during shadow rites, it helps integrate the messages from the subconscious. 80 more words


The Seasons begin their dance.

You can feel it in the subtle changes in the air, the energy of fall beacons us already. The temperatures begin their tug of war between humid steamy summer days and the cool touch of falls caress as they dual for dominance in the clash of thunderstorms. 584 more words


2014-08-12 Update


It’s good to see you.

I’ve been wanting to blog more and I have several posts written about what’s been going on but I have this feeling to hold off for now on posting them.   1,231 more words


More Signs of Awakening

People — both Jews and non-Jews — have been sending me articles and videos indicating that large portions of the Jewish community have begun to explore their Shadow, recognizing that true external peace only comes from inner harmony between the rejected other and the conscious “I.” … 410 more words

Dreams and Shadows

“Nights through dreams tell the myths forgotten by the day.”
― C.G. Jung 144 more words