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I Am Beginning To Understand - A Lesson In Shadow Work

I am beginning to understand.

I am beginning to understand, that what I once saw as a burden, I can see as an opportunity.

I am beginning to understand, that my responds to the world is a hell of a lot more important to the outcome of anything, than any situation. 118 more words

Abundant Living

Month for Loki, Day 10: A Dream

I had a dream wherein He spoke to me and said that there were three things that I should work on…
And then I had another dream that got in the way of the memory of the first dream. 329 more words


Writing: Pulling on the Other Side - The Need for Creativity

The Need for Creativity

I write because I have the need for creativity. There is a strong desire in me to pull the thoughts from my brain out, turn them around, examine them, and then spill them onto paper for others. 408 more words

Shadow Work

Why the Hermit was Afraid of Bees

In my experience thus far I’ve noticed that fears almost always stem from other fears. For example: my fear of dentists comes from a combined fear of pain and ridicule, the latter of the two being something that was instilled in me at a very young age by the combined efforts of the school system and my own reckless self.   708 more words


Life of A Morrigan Devotee

June 28th changed my life, as it was when I pledged my life to Morrigan, for as long as she saw fit, even if that is until my death. 124 more words


Serpent Work

The thing about snakes shedding their skin is that it happens whenever they’ve grown too big for their skin and it has become too uncomfortable for them. 458 more words