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The Root Chakra And The Shadow

Crisis brings opportunity.  Creativity brings possibility.  We are in a time of crisis and opportunity, as we face a critical phase in our evolutionary process. Creativity is paramount in the transformation of consciousness.   102 more words

The Forest of Souls

The Forest of Souls

There is a chill in the air, and unlike most, it warms me to my core, tempering the heat that has built over the summer. 260 more words


The Side Effects of Being You

What’s the point of the self-help revolution anyways? Each year, Americans consume 10+ Billion dollars worth of tapes, books, seminars, etc. with the hopes of improving the deficient areas in their lives. 963 more words

Big Thoughts

Do you have a Dark Side? Working with your Shadow

There could be a darkness lurking under your carefully crafted surface…a nameless, twisting thing conspiring to make us do a whole mess of awful things we wouldn’t do otherwise. 814 more words

Hero's Journey

Shaman Sickness, Part I: Enter the Madness

This so needed to be out there. Writing such an article takes guts. It’s super personal and a very delicate matter subject to judging and all kinds of shit. 21 more words

On The Path

Spiritual Enlightenment In Authentic Christianity

In today’s world, much is spoken of “spiritual enlightenment.” With religious views aside, and assuming worldly spiritual enlightenment is a counterfeit of what is true, then much can be learned about “spiritual enlightenment in authentic Christianity.” 1,032 more words

Unleavened Sainthood

Every Relationship is a Mirror

Every relationship in our life is a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves. When we take a closer look, we realize that everybody is a mirror in some way. 526 more words

Changing Subconscious Beliefs