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Me and My Shadow

For me the shadow are those aspects of ourselves that hold us back, keep us in negative patterns, in stagnancy, in lack of growth.  I deal with addiction issues, feeling abandoned, feeling alone,  irresponsible, dishonest.  156 more words


peeking into shadow work

I am profoundly excited about the prospect i have encountered of entering into shadow work at last. I encountered this term a while ago through a seeker friend and i find it interesting now that i guess i kind of ignored it, but more recently i have also encountered some powerful practices that can take us into our shadow safely, and out the other side into light. 139 more words


Once Upon A Time When The Moon Was In Scorpio

A friend of mine and I agreed once “It’s always good to know when the Moon is in Scorpio,” and that’s because those are a couple of days where a lot of Soul mining happens intentionally or not. 73 more words


The Shadows, our Safety Zone...

The secondary aspect of the shadow self, is what we hide within it. During times of great illness, distress, trauma, abuse and the like, in order to cope with what we have faced, and to allow us to endure, a part of our soul energy retreats into our subconscious. 471 more words

Shadow Work

The Shadow – Our Dark Side? Hmmm...

The shadow is too often explained as the dark and negative aspects of humanity, such as lust, greed, or anger. My take on this has always been that what is deemed ‘negative’ seems to be very individual and determined by the social, religious/spiritual, cultural (etc. 503 more words

Shadow Work

The Holy Longing for a Holy War

In this time of religious division, it’s our longing for union with god or the spirit that unites us. This feeling for the divine, this yearning for more than the material world, is deeper than religious beliefs and creeds, which often lead to self-righteous fundamentalism, hatred, and war. 1,187 more words

Shadow 101 - Accepting the concept of balance.

As the Sun and Mother Earth retreat within, we are afforded the opportunity to embrace the darkness and the healing that can be found there. To see the positive within the ‘dark’, release stigmas attached to her, and accept the balance within.  656 more words

Shadow Work