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Shadowrun Emo Facesets 2 (Basic) for RPG Maker

These emo facesets have been inspired by the Shadowrun universe and are usable for both RPG Maker XP and VX Ace. The 8 sets depict a human female, they have each different hair colors and different outfits and display the following emotes (from left to right, top row first): neutral, friendly, roguish, happy, surprised, angry, sad, ashamed. 233 more words

RPG Maker XP

So many good campaigns!

So, I took a hiatus but have returned in a blaze of glory! And what a month it is turning out to be!

I’ve been watching Kickstarter for the past six months, and while there were a few good campaigns after the Reading Rainbow campaign, nothing got me excited the way I was excited about Golem Arcana, or Allegiance: A Realm Divided. 260 more words


Exploding Kittens And Awakened Cyberpunk (Kickstarter)

I’m currently backing two awesome Kickstarter Projects, and I’d like to share them right here–right now. 414 more words

The Rest

[Shadowrun] A Night's Work (1990 Shadowrun Promo)

Action! Magic! Matrix! Cheesy CGI! Improbable 80s hairstyles! This one has it all!


Ghosts of the Past (Shadowrun)

This was the final run of the Convention season of 2014.

The runners are contacted by their fixer about a job. The employer is new to the fixer, but wants to meet the runners in person. 1,918 more words

Data Haven

Daily Punch 1-14-15 Paladin Program for Shadowrun 5e

I’ve been reading a ton of Shadowrun lately and thinking about how to protect your friends as you do matrix overwatch.  Here’s my idea

Paladin (TM) 62 more words


[Shadowrun] Run 1.1: Speakeasies, Devil Rats, and lots of Pizza

So, we had our first session of Shadowrun 5th edition today. It was a bit of a surprise for me. I had the rules beforehand (only as a pdf though, which was hard to read from), but I did not actually plan to do anything with it. 962 more words