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Toon Tuesday: Skipjack the Dwarf Hacker (Shadowrun)

A Dwarf Hacker for my first Shadowrun character post! Keep in mind that I’ve never had the pleasure of playing it, though I flip through the book quite often and have written up a character for it before (a Troll Street Shaman called “Kodiak”). 1,429 more words

Role Playing

Ambitious Ideas for Shadowrun 5th Edition

Hello all! It’s been a furious two weeks of reading, research, and writing.

I’ve registered on roll20.net, which offers a decent online platform for roleplaying games. 200 more words

Shadowrun Returns- Cyberpunk RPG

Today I’m covering Shadowrun Returns, developed and published by Hare-brained Schemes. It is titled such because we haven’t had a proper video game in this classic Cyberpunk universe since the SNES and Sega Genesis. 784 more words

Indie Spotlight

So uhhh...Shadowrun.

My continued unemployment, the associated isolation due to not having any money to go or do anything, and the stress of considering the quickly approaching end of my debt grace period has gotten me into Shadowrun. 125 more words

Daily Punch 9-2-14 Skilled Wire implant for Shadowrun 5e

Been thinking about data jacks and directly plugging in to a device.  Why not have a cord you can control?


Skilled Wire (rating 1-6) 139 more words


Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut

Do I feel silly! I’m posting about Dragonfall, and am completely oblivious to the news that an enhanced version of Dragonfall is on the way. My only defense is that I began the post before the news of the Director’s Cut was released. 110 more words

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