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Shadowrun Returns

I had always heard great things about Shadowrun, and the vast majority of my exposure to it was via third-party praise and vicarious experiences such as players fondly recalling events that had transpired during their games.   1,178 more words

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Daily Punch 11-24-14 Magic to Muscle Memory adept power for Shadowrun 5e

Let’s post one more adept power for Shadowrun 5e.

Magic to Muscle

Cost: 0.75 per level (max 1/2 ranks in skill rounded down)

Some times it’s training, some times its luck, and some times…. 61 more words


Daily Punch 11-21-14 General Expertise adept power

Been reading some Shadowrun.  How about some love for the adepts?

General Expertise

Cost: 0.5 PP

You’re magic give you power.  It might not be focused, but you get enough power to get by in just about any situation.   28 more words


Trojan Horse - A Wolf in the Henhouse (Shadowrun)

Scene 1 – Retribution

The mission opens not with a call from the fixer, but a Perception Check. It’s the middle of the night when Evo’s forces converge on their apartment/home. 2,065 more words

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Die universelle Bruderschaft – Part 2 – SPOILER

Die Portierung des Matrix Kapitels hat mir am meisten Kopfzerbrechen bereitet. Zunächst einmal versuchte ich mit meinem eingestaubten Matrix-Wissen aus Zeiten von SR2.01D das beschriebene System zu “analysieren” und seine Spielrelevanten Daten in eine Tabelle zu überführen. 359 more words


เซตติ้งของ SHADOWRUN Tabletop RPG

เซตติ้งของ SHADOWRUN Tabletop RPG

หากคุณสนใจในเกม Tabletop RPG ก็เข้ามาชิวกับพวกเราได้ที่:


Corporia - new archetypes and Assets

Wow – I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post! Time really has flown by lately.

If you’re following my home renovation blog… 377 more words