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Daily Punch 7-31-14 Fading Fade quality for Shadowrun 5e

I’ve heard Technomancers feel left out, and that complex forms are not very good.  Its powerfull, but the backlash is too much for it to be usefull.   73 more words


Daily Punch 7-30-14 Special Spell Training quality for Shadowrun 5e

We all focus on what we’re good at, so how about some focus for spell casters in Shadowrun?

Special Spell Training 

Cost: 10 Karma

Benefit: You’ve spent time working on one type of spell, so much so you don’t even feel the spell as it drains you.   33 more words


Identity Crisis Part 2 - Eluding the Hunt (Shadowrun)

This was the second part of a two-part adventure I ran at Phantasm – Gamer’s Equinox in March 2014.  Without the first part, the opening scene of this run, might not make a ton of sense. 1,583 more words

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Identity Crisis Part 1 - Chasing No One (Shadowrun)

This was the first of a two-part Shadowrun story I told at Phantasm – Gamer’s Equinox back in March (yeah, I’m a little behind).  If you plan to adapt this hook to your group, be sure to consider both parts. 1,945 more words

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After watching several RollPlay shows I got back into roleplaying, this time online and in English. I probably have a ton more to say on this subject but recently… 644 more words


2014 ENnies - Voting begins

I just finished voting for my favorites. Head over to the ENnies site and vote for your favorite RPG,s



Character Generation Example Five - Shadowrun 5th Edition

Welcome back my few and loyal viewers.  Today we will be looking at Shadowrun 5th Edition, now I have a chequered history with this game, generally I’m in the camp of ‘Get your damn elves out of my Cyberpunk’ but I was encouraged by a friend to try out the Shadowrun Returns computer game on my Android table.  4,890 more words

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