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Still Life Fruits

berlin, August 2014. Copyrights Stefan F. Wirth

Zigzagging Shadows

These strong shadows zigzag their way gracefully up some  steps on the River Severn in Worcester.

Weekly Photo Challenge

9 = java

Day 9!!!!! Today’s word winner was Justin with “java.”

I liked the shadows on the counter this morning.. it went well with my coffee! I was going to B&W this… but I liked the warmth and the color of the coffee!


Umbral: Out of the Shadows Review

Umbral is a dark fantasy illustrated by Christopher Mitten and written by Antony Johnston, this new adventure casts out a young thief who has a great plan to steal a precious jewel and suddenly as you can imagine things go wrong after she witnesses the death of the King and Queen. 352 more words

[Review] CoverGirl Eye Enhancers 1-Kit Shadows

Hey everyone! Another eyeshadow review. In my last eyeshadow review, I mentioned that I used a darker brown from a different company for my natural eye looks. 467 more words

Assignment 1

Second drawing: Made objects

Finally, here is my second drawing for Assignment 1 with the title “Reflections”. It was drawn with charcoal and graphite pencils on 42 x 59,2 cm (Din A2) 130 g/m² paper.

Sphere detail:

Some prep work: