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50 Cent - Smoke ft Trey Songz

I Know 50 Cent has released a few songs prior to this but smoke has been the first song to get me genuinely excited about Animal Ambition. 53 more words

Welcome to Port Nowhere

They dropped out of hyperspace into deep space, about two days’ flight from Ashalon. Raffa blinked away the blur of streaming light as it changed to black, and the stars resolved themselves into pinpricks of light again. 652 more words


Sketchy Friends

A couple weeks ago I was chilling with a friend of mine, and we were on our way to a cafe. As we were on our journey, I saw a friend from across the road, and as all humans are, you get a tad bit excited. 274 more words


Ellerslie Garden Racecourse

Shady and cool.

Racecourses are essentially vast open spaces, but when I think of Ellerslie Racecourse, much more than the race track itself – I’m not a race goer – I think of the magnificent trees and shaded walks that make it Auckland’s garden racecourse. 405 more words

Auckland, New Zealand