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Me: Sex?
Hubby: Does that involve being close, touching, hot?
Me: Yes.
Hubby: I think I’ll pass.

Outcome Not getting laid this summer.

041. Shag's Musical Diary

The media’s got a sniff of my Christmas wishlist: getting Wayne “Wayne” Smitho back on the job of sharpening up the strings section for next year’s Coupe Mondial in Pongoland. 130 more words


Gillian's Obsession: Shag Salon Royal Oak

How many times have you left the salon pretending that you were happy with your hair just to appease your stylist? This has happened to me what feels like about 1 MILLION times. 176 more words


Watery wildlife

I am visiting the Isle of Skye in Scotland with some of my human friends.  Yesterday, we went out on a boat to see what wildlife we could see living around the sea. 313 more words

Sasha's Travels

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina <3

Hey everyone! Back in May I took a trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and it was AMAZING! I have so many awesome memories from that trip! 519 more words

New Experiences

022. Shag's Musical Diary

Dear Diary

Looks like bloody Chris Christopher has gone and inserted a Samoan interlude in next year’s touring calendar just a few months ahead of the Coupe du Monde.  105 more words


Farne Islands

It is always great to visit the Farne Islands to see the thousands of breeding seabirds.

Arctic Terns

Sandwich Tern



Roseate Tern


Roseate Tern