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Rites of Spring, Krushtones Style

Rites of Spring Krushtones Style

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First Set 12 April


How To Be A Volleyball Player

All questions answered, all volleyball mysteries solved in one hilariously truthful video. 

Shagging balls…it’s not what you think.

A-Z of Romance: Q is for Quickies!!

You might think there is nothing romantic about a “quickie” but you’d be wrong. Okay so it’s not exactly making love, but having a quickie every now and then can add some spark into a relationship. 380 more words


A New York Winter’Tale (2014) Masked Criticisms Review

Hallmark Cards: The Movie, also known as ‘A New York Winter’s Tale’ takes us to a world of miracles where people can become stars, true love dictates fate and other over sympathetic nonsense that features the lovely Colin Farrell with a grotesque haircut, the horse from the Lone Ranger and more lens flare than Star Trek. 411 more words


5 Favorite Dance Moves for Weddings

I don’t have as many friends getting married this year as I did last, so wedding fever isn’t really hitting me, but it’s spring, and I know that for a lot of people, it’s a big time for weddings. 203 more words


Cameron and waffles.

The sight of a depressed Norwegian in November is a common occurrence.  Its the month when the real cold has set in but the snow hasn’t really begun to blanket the city yet. 786 more words

The fuck that got away: the perils of revisiting the past

I saw Wonder Boy three more times in the summer.  Just three.  The trouble with men with ripped abs and amazing biceps is that they need to spend copious amounts of time in the gym.  1,538 more words