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Young At Heart - Snowflakes pt. 2

“Merry Christmas, ya git.” Laughing as Sabriel threw a snowball at his shoulder, Virgil turned on his heel with a fake growl. It was Christmas day, and honestly…with his family here at the house, he felt rather comfortable and quite a bit safer. 4,103 more words

Rebels Uni

Noisey: Having Sex At Festivals Isn't Just Disgusting, It's Shit

Summer music festivals are basically the closest thing humans have to mating season. Penguins stand on the beach and fertilise eggs, humans go to a field in Surrey, take a shitload of drugs and then stand in a sea of bare thighs, topless girls and boys, and wait for nature to take its course. 1,361 more words

Music Journalism

#hap2014 - 187 - Skyrim vs. Game Of Thrones

I was once a pop music blogger, but then I took a Mumford & Sons song to the ears….

Anyways, I was again a little bereft of ideas about songs, so I played some hours (days? 120 more words