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To all the haters - go shag ur hand!

I hav held back long enuff and Ive had enuff of this bullshiat + Im gonna speak my mind! . u jealos loosers all think u are better than me + giv me shiat about being a pigeon + laugh at me but its cus u have no life and taking the piss out of me makes u feel like a big man but u r really sad tossers who jerk off over porn and make up stories about hoes! 107 more words

Breaking Up

I got asked the other day by my mate, “how do I end this relationship?” Before I answered I started to think back on how I had ended things with my ex’s. 429 more words

#5Shags & #TheBigO

The “Act of Fucking”. Yes, that is what #PumaRules is all about this week. Do I have your attention yet? I do. Great. I had to find a way to capture you quickly, because I generally use my humor and sarcasm to draw my readers in but this blog entry is going to be unique. 2,205 more words

Daily Blog

Torontonians Not Tindering - Part 3

Part 3?! This happened three times in 6 months, you ask? Well, there’s actually a fourth time as well but let’s focus on time number three first, shall we? 985 more words

The Checklist

Ever been to the races, bet on a horse, and won?! The surprise and thrill of the win is a great feeling, just like when you sleep with a girl and she is shaven. 322 more words

Enough to drink

How do you know when you have had enough to drink in a night? Throwing up? Passing out? Getting breath tested? These are the common ways that normal people would know when enough is enough. 747 more words



If you look closely, you can detect the traces

Of teenagers drowned in the puddles of their faces.

Perhaps this is beauty’s curse, the clinging, 47 more words