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ASAB in Winter..

I have just returned from the Association for Animal Behaviour (ASAB) winter meeting. I’ve always enjoyed this mini-conference, which is traditionally held over two days in December, at the ZSL in London. 1,080 more words


More virtual birds

I have returned to my simulated rafts of shags. As well as general code refinements, I have also completely overhauled the way they dive and surface. 454 more words


More than just seals

Though the seals dominate at this time of year there are still other things of interest.

It might be mid-November but migration is still happening, birds are moving. 297 more words

Royal bird of the Land of Nog.....

On a cold November afternoon, a still dark bird looks down on his watery kingdom. Could this be Graculus, royal bird of the land of Nog? 121 more words


#5Shags & #TheBigO

The “Act of Fucking”. Yes, that is what #PumaRules is all about this week. Do I have your attention yet? I do. Great. I had to find a way to capture you quickly, because I generally use my humor and sarcasm to draw my readers in but this blog entry is going to be unique. 2,205 more words

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