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What makes things great?

The Petra in Jordan, Coliseum of Italy, Chichen Itza of Mexico, Machu Picchu in Peru, Great Wall of China, Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro and Taj Mahal of India… 630 more words

Arun Shekar


Today was a day when Calcutta walked me one large chapter in her story. I walked for over four hours under a cooperative winter sun, to seek and find what I never knew. 1,171 more words

In the Aftermath of Love at Agra

The octagonal tower is embellished with trellised windows. In the chiaroscuro of Agra’s midday light, each arched screen scintillates with the sophistication of pointelle lace. Peering through one of the eyelets, I can see the distant minarets of… 768 more words


Four centuries later, there's a row over a simple question: Who really built the Taj Mahal?

What is it about the Taj Mahal that makes it such a magnet for furore?

The building’s upkeep and environment has always been a matter of outrage. 977 more words

The real queen of Agra

It’s a little chilly up on the roof, but I’m still hopeful that the sun will soon come up soon to warm me and light up the mesmerizing sight in front of me. 1,076 more words


The Old World...

Finally Finally, the vacation has cometh!!! Oh!! How I love these holidays…birthdays, Christmas, New Year etc. etc. this is indeed the season to be jolly!!! My plans for vacation are naturally reading and reading and reading!!! 236 more words