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Streets of Old Delhi

Shah Jahan, the Mughal Emperor from 1628 to 1658 responsible for building the Jama Masjid in my previous post, was also the ruler responsible for founding the great city of Shahjahanabad, now known as Old Delhi. 71 more words


“Mohabbath the Taj” at Kalakriti ,Agra

When I landed up in Agra I heard one of the tour operators informing the tourist about one of the finest heritage dance drama that is being conducted in Agra. 804 more words


Don't-Tell-My-Mom Travel Diary - Agra, India

It was during the first quarter of 2014 when all the news about rape cases and abuse of women in India were accentuated to the world that we had the sudden urge to book a flight to this South Asian country. 1,582 more words


Strolling in the Beautiful Mehtab Bagh during Holidays in India

Agra is a significant travel destination as it is the site where the Taj Mahal, one of the man-made wonders of the world, stands. Another great attraction located in Agra and worth visiting during a holiday to India is Mehtab Bagh. 326 more words

India Holidays

Qila-i-Akbari: The red fort of Agra

October 2011
It is almost noon when I arrive at Agra Fort tired, dehydrated, sunburned and with the beginnings of a headache.

It has been a long day that began before sunrise by queuing up with what seemed like the rest of world to see the… 1,577 more words


10 Greatest Mughal Emperors & Rulers

The Mughals, who according to Dirk Collier, liked to call themselves the Exalted Descendants of the Gurkaniya dynasty, happen to mark the most glorious period in the History of the Indian subcontinent. 3,050 more words