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Emotional Shahada with Sheikh Yusuf Estes

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

Whenever I see this video I cry buckets! Such a beautiful video! If you haven’t seen it you should <3


"Extremists have shown what frightens them most : A Girl with a Book."

Luton, a town homed to approximately 49,992 Muslims with around 15 Masjids and several “Islamic educational centres”. Muslims, followers of Islam from the root word, Salam, meaning Peace. 1,038 more words


This could be interesting

I am a student of physics with many passions and even a few loves. I have decided to begin writing as a self-indulgence to my narcissistic side seeing as I am probably ‘God’s’ gift to writing, completely unlike the other billion bloggers – I suppose I must shamefully now call myself a blogger (at least within the context of this space) – filling the internet with their self-righteous rantings. 686 more words

Terror Strikes Sydney

As the world knows now, terror has struck Australia’s shores like a lighting bolt. As Australians woke up yesterday, most likely nobody could have predicted what would happen or could expect that by 10am the entire country’s attention would be focused on a hostage situation in Sydney. 750 more words

Intelligence And Counter Terrorism

A “Known Wolf” and the Black Flag

CSP, by Kyle Shideler, Dec. 15, 2014:

The siege of the Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Martin Place, Sydney Australia was terminated violently by Australian police with multiple gunshots and stun grenades this morning. 791 more words

Counter Jihad Report

What flag was raised during Sydney hostage taking?

WATCH ABOVE: After more than 16 harrowing hours, the hostage situation in Sydney, Australia has come to an end. Sean Mallen reports.

TORONTO – One of the first things the gunman did during a… 498 more words


That isn't an ISIS flag that hostages are forced to hold up in the cafe window. It is the Shahada

The black flag with white Arabic writing plays a prominent role in the Sydney hostage-taking.

Minutes after the siege unfolded, hostages were forced to hoist it in the Lindt Chocolates cafe window Monday, suggesting its importance to the gunman. 431 more words