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Lobengula and the concession hunters

This is the second installment in a series about Rhodesia.

King Lobengula of the Matabele found himself extraordinarily popular with white men—too popular. Day in and day out, they rode in their wagons to the royal residence at Bulawayo, where they pestered him with requests. 1,708 more words



At a time when a number of soundtracks are seeing a re-release with extra music I would have thought that some record company some where would have taken a look at Dave Pollecutt,s score for the TV mini series SHAKA ZULU, I have always thought that this soundtrack deserved an extended version release as there was far more music in the series than what was actually released on the original Cinedisc compact disc and the EMI disc that had a release in Holland. 1,448 more words


Twitter competition win - dinner for 4 at Shaka Zulu

Im fairly new to twitter so I still get excited when a notification flashes up on my phone “Congrats @SamHarding18! You have won a meal for 4 with @ShakaZuluLondon.” Yes!!! 603 more words

50 great date locations in London: Part three

50 great date locations in London: part three. Here is your third installment of top places to visit/things to do in our cracking capital. Plenty of location ideas for you once you land a date on… 549 more words

Rorke's Drift - The Truth behind the battle

Not a lot of people know this, but Rorke’s Drift wasn’t actually fought against warriors of the Zulu Kingdom.

Despite the efforts of the British government – both then and now – I can reveal the truth behind one of the British Army’s greatest victories. 48 more words

Alternative History

The Rainbow Serpent

The rainbow serpent is the creator god of the original inhabitants of Australia.  I will state that I do not like the term “Aboriginals”, since that term was coined by an Imperial British Empire to describe a group of people outside of the context they used to describe themselves.   143 more words

Everybody Must Get Stoned

I’ve been wondering for a long time why there seem to be so many stupid people in Los Angeles.  The conversations overheard, the interactions with sales clerks, the reaction of people handling big machinery at breakneck speeds (aka cars) is more often than not baffling to me. 193 more words