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The Shortcut Is ... There Is No Shortcut

It’s funny over the years how infomercials stick with you.  The must absurd one over the years is definitely the shake weight.  There are so many gullible I guess that products like this actually sale.   314 more words


"You Gotta Hustle, for the Muscle"

Jimmy Fallon has really been on a roll. Fallon and his writers consistently make me laugh. I really wish I could stay up late to watch, but you know how I feel about… 305 more words


VIDEO: The Rock and Jimmy Fallon's Exercise Videos

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is busy promoting the “Hercules” movie. He stopped by The Tonight Show this week, and he and Jimmy Fallon donned their shorts, tank tops, and their alter egos, The Fungo Brothers. 19 more words


The Top Fitness Accessory Ever Made

So here it is, here’s the top fitness accessory that there is. This little puppy will you get you fit as a fiddle in a jiffy without even having to go to the gym. 105 more words

'Is that the Shake Weight?' Beefcake Obama might want to pump up his security detail [pics, video]

Well, somebody surreptitiously grabbed footage of President Mr. Universe pumping iron at a Polish hotel gym:

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Much to the amusement of the Twitterverse: 203 more words

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