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Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

Of all the places we’ve been, especially when writing a book on regional day trips, I had never come across Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill… 557 more words

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Once Upon a Monday: The Three Bears

“The Three Bears” by Byron Barton

I LOVE Byron Barton’s illustrations so much. They
are bright, bold, childlike, and accessible to even 166 more words
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The witches of Salem

October is an appropriate time to discuss this part of our nation’s past. In fact, when people think of Salem, they think of the witch trials in 1692. 352 more words

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Architecture Du Jour: The Shaker Style

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

The basic standards that defined both the buildings and their interiors were simplicity and utility. The Shakers frowned on any kind of decoration, and they favored pure, clean forms that were highly functional and economic to make.

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When I lived in the Capitol District (Albany, NY and the surrounding area), there were Shaker references everywhere; apparently there had been Shakers in the region, back in the day. And I learned about Shaker furniture, gained an appreciation for its beauty, and simplicity. I like Toddy Cat's theory, in his comment. ;) Hey, it's as reasonable an explanation as any other! :)

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In the Chris D’Elia voice, “Eh.. S’cute!” Salt and pepper shakers that are quirky and cute are my fav, but I don’t want to turn into the weird lady with a collection. 48 more words

The non-reproducing cult-like ostensible Christians known not only for their beautiful furniture, but also for their seeds!

The Shakers were known for their furniture, as many people know.

But they were also known for their seeds!

Since the late 1700’s, the United Society of Believers, or Shakers, had run one of the leading seed-raising enterprises in North America and distributed their seeds to merchants in the American states.

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