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I saw Cymbeline a few years back at Lincoln Center with my mom; Phylicia Rashad played the nameless Queen.  Frankly, that was the most memorable thing about the play.   1,335 more words

Sonnet 148.

From one of my favorite sonnets by William Shakespeare. Took a better part of the day, and the points were the toughest part, but worth every second. Reminded me of someone special.


Twelfth Night (1910)

This Shakespeare play remains a popular film subject, with its themes of gender confusion and romantic frustration, blended into a safe, comedic resolution. This was its first known film rendering, and it suggests that by 1910 we are moving into a different context for silent film adaptations of classical works. 175 more words


A prosaic day of "PhD research"

Hello folks,

I thought I would create this post as a bit of a reality check for those who might attach only romantic notions to “PhD in Shakespeare studies” and to “new life in Australia” or “Brisbane”.  1,264 more words


Wanna be funny? Just make your jokes more penis…ey

There are a lot of misconceptions about ADD, and about those that live with it. Many people think that ADD makes you like squirrels a lot more than normal people. 461 more words

Diary of a Penniless Frustrated Artist

“If you want to really hurt your parents, and you don’t have the nerve to be gay, the least you can do is go into the arts. 413 more words


How to Write a Sonnet

The sonnet is perhaps the most misinterpreted style of poetry in the English language. For too long, it has been associated with Shakespearean dandyism and caricatures of half-witted Don Juans trying to woo their lovers with pithy flower metaphors. 1,676 more words