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I am gonna repost this for two reasons:

One: because I missed Thursday

Two: because I can.

And here is the bonus:

Because I miss Jimmy Peanut.


“I dreamt a dream tonight.” 296 more words


Star Wars Saturday: The Despecialized Edition and Art Reconstruction

Recently, The Mary Sue drew my attention to Harmy’s Star Wars: Despecialized Edition v.2.5, a collective effort by certain skilled Star Wars fans to restore the original trilogy to the experience of watching it in the theater (but in HD!). 370 more words


Eng. Lit. and Eng. Liturgy

Anyone at Nottingham University is warmly invited to join in a group which will meet for literary and theological chat, and to say the Anglican Daily Office… 717 more words

Top 5 Hamlet Productions

Okay, it’s been a while and I decided to get back into the Shakespeare blogging game by doing something I have been putting off. Doing a… 1,085 more words


#LMAO Two Gents

I’ve heard it’s not known how good a President is until after the presidency—to feel the after affects. It can be the same way with theatre. 703 more words


Swift and Shakespeare Get Back Together

Often Shakespeare can seem, to many, a little out of touch with everyday modern life and whilst I don’t agree (contrary to popular belief he continues to have a profound effect on day-to-day life whether we notice it or not, though I’m not going quite as far as to deifying him) this week he popped up again online and made his presence known. 1,177 more words


Shakespeare in Love (28/8/2014)

I had high expectations when I entered the Noel Coward theatre to see Shakespeare in Love. Not only do I love the 1998 film, starring Joseph Fiennes and Gwyneth Paltrow, I had read… 285 more words