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My Reflection

Not good enough, When I view the mirror

This is the grim image that stares right back

No other image will become clearer

Than that which eludes me and thus I lack. 76 more words


#1 - the two gentleman of verona

Intro: So this is the first partĀ of my excessively-long series in which I read and look at all 38 of Shakespeare’s plays that scholars have mostly agreed that he wrote (with the exception of The Two Noble Kinsmen, which is believed to have been co-written with John Fletcher). 1,480 more words


An imaginary conversation with Shakespeare

Here you will find my English Assignment from last year (class 10), which asked us to ask Shakespeare several questions on his play As You Like It, as if it were released just a few days ago. 492 more words


As You Dream It.

Your heart, my heart! The blood, in my lips, in your lips, somewhat rougher than mine, in our tongues and cheeks and hands, my eyes, firmly closed, we were sensitive, supernatural, omnipotent. 955 more words

The Error of Comedy

Before I left England my sister and I went to the Globe to see The Comedy of Errors. It was absolutely brilliant, not least because at the Globe on is treated to the genuine Shakespeare. 234 more words


What makes theatre great?

When I go to the theatre I want to be moved in one way or another. I either want to laugh or cry, be shocked or angered – sometimes all of the above at the same time. 520 more words