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SWN Resources hopes to drill 4 test wells in New Brunswick next year

FREDERICTON – The company at the centre of a fracking controversy in New Brunswick says it hopes to drill four test wells next year that will help determine the location of shale gas deposits in Queens and Kent counties. 126 more words


En octubre se realizará la Expo Patagonia Oil & Gas

Del 1º al 4 de octubre se desarrollará en el espacio Duam de la ciudad de Neuquén la Expo Patagonia Oil & Gas, organizada por el Instituto Argentino del Petróleo y el Gas (IAPG). 130 more words


Shale Gas Problem: Closer to Home

This is a recent protest in New Brunswick, Canada against shale gas exploration. Maybe, this protest is telling us something. If this is what happens in a relatively calm area, when shale gas exploration is being considered.


Danger of Shale Gas: A Video

This video is a comprehensive look at the dangers and problems related to fracking and shale gas exploration.


“Some studies have shown that natural gas could, in fact, be worse for the climate than coal.” - Jeff Goodell

“Natural gas is a dirty fossil fuel like the rest of them.” - Josh Fox…

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Jabraan Ahmed, on how "our knowledge of shales just isn't good enough at the moment"

Interview with Jabraan Ahmed, PhD

Jabraan Ahmed is a PhD researcher in shale gas at University College London.  His current research area is entitled “ 64 more words


Conservative moratorium of onshore wind

I sent this to my MP. If you have a Conservative MP, I implore you to write to them on the same topic. My email was sent before the recent UN report that says that the current actions on climate change are only sufficient to keep temperature increases to about 4 degrees Celcius. 361 more words