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UK must ‘invest £33bn to start shale gas production

UK must ‘invest £33bn to start shale gas production

An estimated £33 billion needs to be invested to bring UK shale wells into production between 2016 and 2032, says a new report. 111 more words


Andy Revkin and the NY Times Surprised the Heck Out of Me on Natural Gas

I’ve taken enough potshots at Andy Revkin. It’s only fair I give him credit when looks deeper past the alarmism for more information.

He takes a good look at claims that natural gas drilling is responsible for huge methane leaks and finds that the methane most likely came from coal mines in the area. 16 more words


Breaking Ground

The announcement last week from Chevron Phillips Chemical (CPC) that it had ‘broken ground’ at the site of what will eventually become its new 1.5 million tonne per year cracker at its complex in Cedar Bayou was significant. 421 more words

What energy sources will we be using in 2064 ?

The question is prompted from reading this report on the BBC website:
‘World’s Fair: Isaac Asimov’s predictions 50 years on’


Tesla’s concept of free wireless electricity never made it to market, but maybe one day… 117 more words


Barriers to a Shale Gas Revolution in the UK

Source: “Barriers to a shale gas revolution in the UK? The US experience as a benchmark.” March 20, as part of the Schlumberger Petroleum Economics & Decision Analysis Conference held at Chatham House in London, Professor Paul Stevens (Dundee University Emeritus Professor) gave this presentation.


Russia Holds World's Most Shale Oil Reserves

Russia holds the most amount of shale oil in the world.

According to the EIA, Russia has estimated reserves of about 75 billion barrels.

  • In December 2013, Rosneft stated that they are eager to unlock the shale oil potential in the Samara region of western Russia.
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Shale Revolution is Expected in Poland

Poland’s Baltic Basin is believed to hold copious shale gas reserves