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Matt Hancock: "I want to speed up shale"

H/T to Oldbrew for this story via GWPF from the Sunday Times. I hope this haste doesn’t mean we’ll lose a lot of the benefit of developing a home grown shale gas extraction industry, with the benefits of boosting UK engineering and providing much needed indigenous employment and training in worthwhile skills. 238 more words


US refinery inputs achieved a record-high 16.8 M/bd

The EIA reported on 24 July 2014 that US refinery inputs achieved a record-high 16.8 M/bd in each of the past two weeks, surpassing the previous record from the summer of 2005.


PRESS RELEASE: The Irish Fracking Process has begun

The Irish Fracking process has begun

Good Energies Alliance Ireland (GEAI) views the latest developments  where preparations for shale gas exploratory drilling has begun in Belcoo as a National, not local issue. 361 more words


Economic Benefits of Natural Gas in the U.S. are Significant

America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) recently explored the significant economic opportunities that natural gas development presents for the US economy both now and in the future. 62 more words


Fracking Brussels: A who's who of the shale gas lobby

Published by: Friends of the Earth Europe, July 2014
Author: Rachel Tansey
Editor: Helen Burley
Coordination and contributions: Antoine Simone, Natacha Cingotti, Samuel Fleet, Paul de Clerck… 568 more words


Fracking Week in Westminster (21st-22nd July)

24th July 2014

Transcripts of this week’s parliamentary questions and statements on:

  • Water use in fracking
  • Ineos shale gas processing plans at Grangemouth

With thanks to TheyWorkForYou.com

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Here's an effective way to sanction Russia, and why it hasn't happened so far

Western officials hoping to alter the behavior of Russian president Vladimir Putin are examining a lot of targets for sanctions, but analysts say one entity seems to be off the table for now—Gazprom.  920 more words