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Oven Roasted Eggplant with Herbed Shallot Vinaigrette

I will refrain from a long prelude today, and simply let your eyes feast and your mouth water.

This dish is a perfect example of why Mediterranean cuisine wins my heart every time. 478 more words


Lobster Pasta with 759 ingredients

Whole Lobsters are available at 759 for $80. Canadian lobsters so they are out of the East Coast. $10USD will not net me a lobster on the West Coast yet I can buy the China allocations cheaper than the pricing back at home. 255 more words

Hong Kong

Recipe: Beurre blanc


250g butter (the best you can get. Unsalted of course)

150g – 200g shallots

20cl white wine

10cl white wine vinegar

10-20cl cream (very optional) 363 more words


Winter warmers - in August!

Summer seemed to blow away when hurricane Bertha blew in last week and my appetite for salad and light meals has moved on to more comforting dishes. 307 more words

Rostis with Bacon, Sweet Shallots & Poached Eggs

I applaud you if you can make your poached eggs look as good as the chefs but I can’t, I can cook them right but they are not the prettiest. 227 more words


Crop experiment: Growing shallots

Have you ever grown shallots? I haven’t, but I’ve just ordered my first sets to plant this fall. I love the way they taste, so I’m excited to try them. 210 more words


Tequila Cured Gravlax

Many years ago, I had a new acquaintance and we found ourselves talking about — what else? — food. We were amazed to find out that we both were hooked on sesame Ryvita crackers. 449 more words

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