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Mighty Mangetout

How can my mangetout still be flowering a few days before Christmas? Is it just not cold enough?

Like last year, approaching the end of 2014 we’ve had a few frosts and some low night temperatures but no snow and no truly icy weather. 262 more words


Relaxing Christmas ? I think not

Well the past few months have been pretty boring with not much to report on. With Christmas upon us I guess you’d think it would be much the same and a relaxing time. 345 more words


Creamy Potato and Shallot Gratin

I recently posted a smoked salmon pâté recipe from the BBC, and today I have another BBC recipe I love to make at Christmas time: Good Food’s potato shallot gratin, 524 more words


chanterelle risotto.

chanterelle + white wine + shallots + risotto

I went chanterelle mushroom hunting for the first time this week. It was amazing to be outside in the woods, everywhere you looked you saw beauty, unfortunately everywhere we looked we did not find any quality chanterelles. 314 more words

One Cup of Semolina: Three Tastes Semolina Snack (uppamav)/ Couscous (Part 1), and Gnocchi (Part 2)

One of my favorite Indian breakfasts (although I could eat it at as a snack or dinner too) is a semolina dish called uppamav. Its creamy texture is my comfort food, with a hint of aromatic ginger and a nutty crunch. 635 more words


Pasta with Garlicky Tuscan Chicken

It’s amazing how my love of pasta has grown and developed over the years. As a kid, I only really liked pasta with butter and a large serving of parmesan cheese. 542 more words

Main Dish

Beige food and I

As a child I had an aversion to brown wallpaper – the result, I think, of moving aged 4 1/2 into a new house previously owned by an elderly couple. 1,129 more words