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Brussels Sprouts Sautéed with Bacon

This recipe comes from the Dutch side of my family, and is a holiday favorite at family gatherings. You won’t need any butter or oil whatsoever, just good ‘ole bacon grease! 94 more words


A warming up, aromatic pumpkin soup with garlic, ginger & pepper

I have heard a lot about all kinds of different pumpkin dishes before I had a chance to try it myself. I guess pumpkin became fashionable as everybody started cooking with it.  199 more words


Delicious shrimps in white wine with chili, mint & lemon

This is one of my mom’s favourite dishes(&mine too : ) ). I do it very often when I come home for a visit. Shrimps, a bottle of slightly chilled, good white wine, baguette and olive oil- does one need more from life? 115 more words



Today began my new routine.
I woke up naturally to the clock tower sounding at 8 am having fallen asleep at 1 am.

I got up and decided I didn’t want breakfast. 262 more words

Vinaigrette Basic White Balsamic

WSJ Nov 2014.  make ahead while dinner is cooking, let sit 30 min or more.

This is a classic basic recipe. The secret is to make it fresh. 77 more words

Salads And Dressings And Sauces

Blue Cheese Cauliflower Soup

I don’t know if I’m just that hardcore or if my favorite Icelandic cardigan is just that warm, but temperatures in Trondheim are just now starting to hover around freezing, and I still haven’t switched to an actual jacket. 429 more words


6 weeks in to Primal diet

I haven’t been posting much since I began this journey.  I was hoping I would.  Life gets crazy…right?

Since we started this we have discovered that the youngest daughter definitely has food sensitivities.   430 more words