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Xiān Kè Lái 05

Xiān Kè Lái 5. Fēiyàn Cǎo

Larkspur. Even things as insignificant as the weather can provide us with a sense of levity.

Xiān Kè Lái 04

Xiān Kè Lái: 4. Xiānrénzhǎng

The cactus. How much we can endure says plenty about us.

Shaman King by Hiroyuki Takei

My first experience of Shaman King was in the yearly 00s when the anime aired on Fox Kids/Jetix. To be honest, I wasn’t completely taken by it at first as it seemed a little slow and the narrator of the show bugged me a little. 951 more words


Xiān Kè Lái 03 and Noise (Shibuya)

Xiān Kè Lái: 3. Jiànlán

Gladiolus. Is this strength or a hindrance?

Next: January 11, 2015

Noise (Shibuya)

Unrestrained Melody

Next: January 21, 2015

Fanfiction: Xiān Kè Lái 01 and Aviantei 12

First fanfiction postings of the New Year!

Xiān Kè Lái: 2. Cuì Jú (Shibuya Operation – Story Storm)

Aviantei: Part 12: Foundation

And they’re both Shaman King stories, too. Huh.