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Shaman King manga volumes 25-32 (series end)

Anime Reporter tries to keep up with the ever rising stakes of the last quarter of Shaman King (Volumes 25-32).

Needless to say, if you’re unfamiliar with Shaman King, the final eight volumes of the series are perhaps not the place to start and you might benefit slightly more from a look at… 612 more words


Good ole animes of the early 80s onwards

I don’t really know if it’s just me, but I miss the anime of the old days. I’m talking about anime from the timeframe 1980-2006. I really miss it so much. 635 more words


Shaman King manga Volumes 17-24

Anime Reporter returns for the third quart of the otherworldly Shaman King series with volumes 17-24 (Chapters 144-215). If you missed out on the first two instalments, you can find them here: … 706 more words


Via Anime Insider: 4Kids Entertainment (October 2004)

A pair of articles about 4kids entertainment, the first about their plans for One Piece, and the second about fan demand for uncut versions of other shows.


Shaman King manga volumes 9-16

Anime Reporter takes the next step on its manga pilgrimage with Shaman King manga volumes 9-16 (chapters 72-143).

Those of you entirely unfamiliar with Shaman King can check out… 675 more words


Shaman King manga volumes 01-08

Anime Reporter delves into the archives to take a look at Shaman King manga volumes 1-8 (Chapters 1-71), the first quarter of the spiritual saga from creator Hiroyuki Takei. 715 more words