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Spiritual Healers of Colorado

Practitioners; Shaman’s; Spiritual Healers:

Colorado became the ninth state to pass a safe harbor health freedom law. On June 5, 2013 Governor John Hickenlooper passed the: 436 more words

Conscious Thought With Katie

Woman as Healer: Shamans, Midwives and Priestesses

Since the beginning of human civilization women healers honored and observed the sacred cycles of nature, time, and spirit. Women healers served their communities through midwifery, spiritual healing, nutritional and herbal healing, massage, hands on healing, prayer, ritual, dance, song, music, toning, and dreaming. 433 more words

Paradigm Shift

Deadlands 5B: The Plots of Children

After our run in with the zombie spider, we continued deeper into the Sioux Nations. Along the way, we ran across a group of 3 13-year old boys killing a spider larger than the one we faced with nothing but hand axes. 253 more words


Short story of vampires set in Stoke Newington!

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I have published one of my short stories on Amazon. Called The Alukah, it featuresĀ one of two friends who I shared a flat with in 1980’s London – specifically, Stoke Newington. 165 more words



I decided to start a channel on YouTube where I aim to cover a broad range of topics dedicated to those who are new to the spiritual path or have recently awakened. 210 more words