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Pandaren Glasses

A commission for a twitter avatar. He wanted his Pandaren Shaman wearing his glasses. :3

World Of Warcraft

Words of power...

Some stirring words for the sheeple.


Shopping for the right spirituality



Hello All!


Now I know that many of us are seeking answers on how to navigate through this life in a thoughtful and meaningful way, but what if you haven’t found your way yet? 631 more words

Penelope’s Perilous Prophecy

P is for… Penelope’s Perilous Prophecy

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With shaking hands, Penelope returned her teacup to its saucer and looked around the room at each of the government officials that were packed in tight, like sardines in a tin can. 346 more words


Glory in the all of you

When you walk down your path (and it is your path) you have many choices as you go. You can choose to make your path bumpy and full of hardship. 798 more words

Pagan Blog Project - Hummingbird

The Andean shaman of South America have gifted to the world a series of nine shamanic rites known as the Munay Ki. In these rites Hummingbird holds the energy of the Ancient Ones. 642 more words


Animal Spirit Guide - Dragonfly Medicine - The Transformer

Fly, Fly, Fast, Grow do not stop
Do not be afraid to see all
A masterful shape shifter adapts
to all circumstances and situations
with magic, speed and agility.

472 more words
New Age