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Hearthstone - Featured Deck: Firebat's AC Tech Shaman


I am here today to share another one of Firebat’s decks that he used during the Blizzcon Qualifiers. This one is his Tech Shaman. This deck is designed to control the board by having a variety of situational cards to be efficient answers and keeping your hand replenished to continue to have those answers. 6 more words


An Update After the Hurricane

Dear Readers,

It had come time to leave once again, to stay in Hana and continue prepping the investment property farm would have stifled our adventure. 153 more words

Real World

Porcupine the Gardener

Some people just can’t help gardening. Take the local porcupines, for instance. They¬†love to chaw down on the pile of cull apples a farmer dumps at the top part of his property, up against the old canal. 591 more words

Nature Photography

New patch, new you

All right, I was a couple of days late to get to the new patch. I hate, hate, hate that last patch before a new xpac that breaks everything and changes everything that I had grown used to. 359 more words

World Of Warcraft

Dog Days Eclipse

Dog Days Eclipse. (for Milly 2001-2014)

Our guardian angel dog is dead,
Bequeathed for a long sonnet’s span…
Her absence now insinuates through
every raku cracked routine. 244 more words

Poetic Narrative

dark mother

The black panther is very mystical. She is the embodiment of lunar energy…..feminine in all her aspects…..child, virgin, seductress, mother, warrioress, seeress, and old wise woman.

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Art Watercolor Gallery


My beautiful wife found this picture and it shows something interesting that help validates that a good person who dies can hook themselves onto something or someone that is a living physical being. 130 more words

Daily Message To Ponder