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In Mongolia, the Buryat people have very special vampire folklore. Their shamans have the power to raise the dead including themselves; this and the Buryat people’s fear of death causes them to perform special care while preparing their dead for burial. 73 more words

Healing Pain

This sketch was one I asked Spirit to bring through for me. It helps with the healing of pain. Right now, this sketch is telling me that it is stretching me, to release old pain and tension from my body. 316 more words


quiet wisdom

Wolf tells us to discover our inner strength. Wolf as your spirit animal teaches you to avoid confrontations and to take control of your life with harmony and discipline.

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Düş Kapanı Dreamcatcher

Tanrının Gözü yada bir diğer ismiyle Rüya Kapanı..

Kadim Kızılderililerin özellikle yeni doğmuş bebeklerini , kötü ruhlardan korumak için yatak başlarına yerleştirdikleri bir nevi muska.. 148 more words


Drumming and the World of the Shaman

Remember that drumming opens
portals to the spirit world,
draws spirit in,
and opens you up to receive it.
~ Michael Drake, “Shamanic Drumming:  Calling the Spirits”
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Viking Sorceress buried with Weaving sword

On the British Museum website, I found an interesting article about a Viking burial found.

At the front of the boat, was a woman buried holding a “weaving sword” and they assume she is a sorceress. 380 more words