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Bolivian Catholic Witchdoctors

The Aymara Communities

The CNN, 17 Sep 2014 reported about the parallel between Bolivian-witchdoctor and Catholics. The finding were taken from Raphaël Verona’s new photography book. 365 more words

Tying conservation with faith to protect a big cat

Source: Sonia Phalinkar for Deutsche Welle

In a bid to protect the snow leopard, conservation groups are merging western and traditional approaches by teaming up with local monasteries, shamans and indigenous communities who live in the big cat’s habitat. 1,176 more words


Shammpain Level 27

I queued up for a dungeon and the wait time were long but got into a Blackfathom Deeps run that was on the last boss, so had to queue up again because she only got one kill. 44 more words


The Migraine Begins

It started on on around January 23, 2003. I say I don’t know how it started because it was a migraine, and those were so common for me, even ones that would last weeks, that I don’t know exactly when it started. 1,386 more words


Ritual Butterfly Cleansing

eeloeiah eeloeiah
aripoa mata ooeiah
eeloeiah eeloeiah
aripoa mata ooeiah

rattle shakes
flames flicker
tattooed eyes dart and quiver
shaman dances ’round the fire
smoke billows from the pyre. 55 more words



If pain can be measured
How would it be?
It’s value unknown
Pain is a secret
Spoken only by a soul
Sleeping in sickness
Not one shall pass… 45 more words


Visions of War

I’m not one to fixate on apocalyptic prophecy (or the future in general), but I do pay attention to my own dreams. And when I have three bizarre dreams in a row about the same thing, I’m definitely motivated to keep my eyes open to what it might mean in my waking world. 195 more words