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Pagan Blog Project - Offerings

In shamanism it is usual to make an offering to the spirit allies as a way of giving thanks. These offerings can take the form of prayers or ritual but can also for example; be fruit, vegetables, flowers, tobacco, sage, honey, milk, coins, incense or food. 645 more words


The Magic Journey

My adventure continues and would you believe I am back in the jungle of Peru. Tierra Mitica really captured my spirit and i am here now volunteering and learning more about how to stay conscious and help other people just like me coming to experience the lessons and journeys of the Grandmother Ayahuasca. 211 more words


What is Holistic Wellness, and how do we achieve it?

In the South American Tradition, there must be a balance between the dark energy and the light energy before healing is accomplished. The light must flow freely and not be derailed by the darkness, but cannot move without the darkness to balance it. 128 more words

Practitioners Blog

Legends of the Dark Knight: Shaman (Review/Retrospective)

23rd July is Batman Day, celebrating the character’s 75th anniversary. To celebrate, this July we’re taking a look at some new and classic Batman (and Batman related) stories. 1,948 more words


Clan of Three Hammers: Tradition

This is the fourth part of the series. HeroHonorand Loyal are the previous installments.

Tradition. Traditions teach us, they give us comfort. 181 more words

Clan Of Three Hammers

Evening Walk July 22, 2014

Sometimes I am almost
perfectly still,
aligned as if everything
from horizon to horizon,
from the earth to the sky
and I, are one.

In those moments everything… 87 more words


MCX – Cycle – Jul22

MT Agamenticus, York, Maine versus Sky Pilot
Rescued by Bicycle Shaman Mike Conlon

Sky Pilot, A.K.A. This Writer should know better by now…

Diesel Dark… 206 more words