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Rude Awakenings - the Birth of a Superhero

Rude Awakenings – the Birth of a Superhero

This post is an addendum to the Superhero gathering of Monday, August 11, 2014.  In addition to exploring the question about world changes, the shift, etc. 330 more words

Being Human

Pagan Blog Project - Psychopomp

The term ‘Psychopomp’ comes from the Greek works pompos, meaning a guide or conductor and psyche meaning breathe, life, soul or mind. So a psychopomp is someone who works to help spirits to move on after death, a kind if soul conductor. 1,025 more words


Meeting my guide

Over the years I’ve had a number of animal spirit guides come and go, their energy advising me whether I listened or not. Turtles and foxes, owls and often a phoenix but one guide has come through most strongly again and again, the stag. 223 more words


Seeds For Meditation ~ Words From A Wise Woman

I knew a Wise Woman

And she said to me

That the river would mold me

And the wild wind would cool me

That the trickster the coyote… 127 more words


Düş Kapanı Dreamcatcher

Tanrının Gözü yada bir diğer ismiyle Rüya Kapanı..

Kadim Kızılderililerin özellikle yeni doğmuş bebeklerini kötü ruhlardan korumak için yatak başlarına yerleştirdikleri bir nevi muska..

Rivayete göre İktomi fiziksel formunu örümceğe dönüştürerek bir şamanın rüyasına girmiş. 156 more words