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Snapshot of My Life

I’ve been thinking that some of you might like an insight into what a week for me is like after all my life can be more than a little varied as I don’t have a normal 9-5 job. 669 more words


Pagan Blog Project - Offerings

In shamanism it is usual to make an offering to the spirit allies as a way of giving thanks. These offerings can take the form of prayers or ritual but can also for example; be fruit, vegetables, flowers, tobacco, sage, honey, milk, coins, incense or food. 645 more words


Connections - Bumble Bees

With so many Bumble Bees around me at the moment I have realised it is time to stop and speak with them. The Bumble Bee that was buzzing in my ear last night and the one that flew close as if coming for a conversation this morning have made it patently clear that they have something to say….. 44 more words

What is holistic wellness and how do we obtain it?

To be whole means to no longer be fragmented.  Fragmentation occurs in many ways – trauma, loss, illness and suppression of self.  It may be no surprise to consider that we all are wounded to varying degrees.   225 more words

Practitioners Blog

The Shamanic Witch by Gail Wood

The Shamanic Witch focuses on combining the practices of Wicca and NeoShamanism.
The author does assume you have some experience in Wicca and skips the basics in regard to it,  which I liked. 220 more words