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say goodbye to shame

There is no shame.
There is only God’s love.


Tired of carrying the weight of your actions on your shoulders?

Fed up with dragging your shame around behind you?

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Step over the shards of my broken vices

Ashamed I feel afterwards the flesh was cooled

What have I done to myself yet again

My body ravages the consequences as I contemplate… 23 more words

Forgeting Things

I had a bunch of ideas for today’s post, but I forgot all of them as soon as I sat to write. So I drew this picture instead. 84 more words


Hi all. I wanted to share this link about shame and guilt with you.  It was quite a revelation to me, seeing as I have (a lot of) trouble dealing with the two.   47 more words


To know how to succeed one must first learn the correct way to fail; to admit the possibility of defeat leads to the eventuality of victory.


A look into my past part 7: You (God) know better than I

Before I get into my experiences with holistic healing and how it has helped me, I thought it would be best to let you see my past of who I was.   2,222 more words