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Open Letter to Mr. David Francis. Thank you for teaching Sarita Devi a well deserved lesson

“The whole incident looked like a well planned scenario by her and her team, and it is regretful to watch a boxer refuse the medal regardless of what happened in the competition.

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### Hemy (Walk Of Shame #2) reviews

Hemy (Walk Of Shame #2)

Hemy (Walk Of Shame #2). If you looking for Hemy (Walk Of Shame #2). For more details of Hemy (Walk Of Shame #2), please follow the link below. 48 more words

She's Taboo: The Pregnancy Loss That Doesn't Usually "Count"

It’s Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.

Every October is dear to me for this reason. Back in July of 2011, I made the horrible choice to terminate my pregnancy against my own desires. 1,665 more words

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Que es la vida... // What is the life...

Los pequeños detalles vuelan en mi mente,

presentándose cual motas de polvo en el trasluz,

pequeños puntos que pese a su ínfimo tamaño

no se escapan a mi mirada. 138 more words



I found myself passing your house, not on my own accord but of the happenstance of being a passenger in a life undecided. And my heart gave a twist and a tiny shout at the atrocity of such misfortune and all of the stitches came undone. 172 more words


She Who Has the Most Power Wins

“Why are you letting him rob you of your power?”

That was the first question that started to wake me up.

For years I submerged myself in submission. 322 more words

No Stranger to Shame

No Stranger to Shame

No Stranger to Shame. If you looking for No Stranger to Shame. For more details of No Stranger to Shame, please follow the link below. 48 more words