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Stigma or shame?

I have discovered I really dislike telling people I live with my parents again.

I dislike telling people I’m single at 28.

I dislike telling people I’ve moved home because of a ‘split’ (easier than explaining the whole story). 69 more words


A dirty word #feminism

Dirty feminism
Feminism has been a dirty word for as far back as my memory survives. I recall being asked during my first year of university whether or not I would raise my hand to being a feminist. 2,613 more words


Today I shit myself

They say that fear keeps you alive, and maybe it does.  But there are different types of fear.  The kind of fear that keeps you alert when walking alone after dark.   485 more words




No one is judging
You imagined the whole think
And you are the judge

Wee Poems

Suspicion and shame.

Saturday night. Birthday party. I was the only one not drinking. T had A LOT of booze. He was unable to speak, stand, sit, or keep his eyes open. 147 more words


So apparently I'm 17 again..

That dreaded 10 year high school reunion we’ve been mentioning has now been and gone. And of course your trusty Rambling Goat was going to make it eventful.. 906 more words

Rambling Goat

That Sick Feeling

Do you ever get a sick feeling in your stomach when you read someone else’s affair story? I do pretty much every time. It doesn’t matter whether it’s told from the viewpoint of the cheater or the betrayed spouse. 367 more words