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o/t: In My Hot Little Hands

My new story collection, Tell No Lies, has just been published by Alchemy Press, and my author copies have arrived. The book looks surprisingly handsome, despite the cover pic. 103 more words

The Liebster Award

Dan Gullotta nominated me for a Liebster Award. I thank him kindly for this honor, and I am thrilled there is someone out there reading this blog who is not a Brazilian spammer trying to get me to buy Uggs. 460 more words

Shameless Self Promotion

Don't break your arm patting your own back.

Well now, this was a fun letter to receive!

December 12, 2014

Hi Lisa,

Yesterday in NYC at a morning banquet, FOLIO announced the winners of the… 110 more words

Shameless Self Promotion

Wines & Vines: A Global Perspective on Regional Wine Identity

The December 2014 issue of Wine & Vines is out and it features the usual mix of interesting and informative articles. This issue includes a preview of the sessions scheduled for the… 192 more words

Wine Markets

A Writing Entry - Strong Female Character

Ugh, I can’t express how much I hate that term.  There are lots of opinions on this, and probably many that are better articulated than mine, but given that I am trying to sell an audience on stories about a group consisting of women (see links to the side), I figured I’d throw out my seventeen cents (that’s two cents adjusted for inflation). 978 more words


So Excited... I Could Pee My Pants!

I’m On BlogHer!!!!!!!!!

BlogHer featured my camping debacle post on the front page of the Work/Life section!!!

Do me an, er, solid, and head over to BlogHer, laugh at my expense, and then share it from their site on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and maybe even Google Plus if you’re into that sort of thing. 22 more words


1/5 and other deadlines...

Broadchurch S2 will premiere in the UK on 1/5/15, and on BBC America on 2/4.

I would like to wrap up my fic before then. The second series (apparently) picks up right where the first left off; everything my readers and I on AO3 have envisioned will be rendered null and void. 162 more words