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The Average American Male

Let me start off by saying that if you don’t have a highly receptive sense of humor–I’m talking, you’re the type of person who could very possibly be seen chuckling at a funeral, for whatever reason–don’t even open this book. 506 more words

Shameless Self Promotion

Foreword to an unwritten novel

Today has been a breakthrough day–I did not awake feeling that it would be, and I am aware that it is a bit pompous sounding to make the claim that it is. 607 more words

Shameless Self-promotion

Spread the Joy

The not-quite-yet-exhausted subject of love
will be celebrated and lamented by others
and myself at Beyond Baroque,
681 Venice Blvd, CA 90291.  Saturday May 3rd, 8pm.

Shameless Self-promotion

You Mean...People Actually Read This Stuff?

Hello, world!  April has been a very exciting month for this Mother Hen!  I have been nominated for several awards, much to my blushing surprise, and here am I to share the love forward!   2,703 more words


The Less Heroic Version of Gravity (Minus Sandra Bullock)

First of all, anybody who hasn’t seen or heard of Gravity with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney (and therefore will have no idea why I’m relating my short story to it), you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. 417 more words

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once more unto the breach...

Just a reminder:  This weekend I’ll be in Nebraska for CONstellation.  It should be a good, low key time of it!

Yesterday was the day I realized I have three conventions over the next month — busy!  219 more words

Shameless Self Promotion