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8 of the Best TV Sisters...

Today is my sister-in-law’s birthday and so I have put together a list of my favorite sisters in her honor. I do not know what it is like growing up with a sister, as I only have the one brother, but these relationships made me want one. 455 more words

8 Things

A Lustful Disposition

It is in our commercials and joked about on sitcoms and movies. We see it when someone flirts their way out of a ticket or to tries to get something they want by using “persuasion.” Some call it seduction. 489 more words

Christian Living


I was watching shameless and became a little melancholy thinking of my dad.  Frank gets cirrhosis and is an unbearable prick to everyone.  My father had cirrhosis.  59 more words

I LOVE Guns!

Being a life long geek/nerd I’ve always had a passion for a firearm this love affair began with pistols used by cowboys during the lawless days of western pioneering, men like John Wayne and Errol Flynn gunning bad guys down on TV, shooting from the hip and not taking any shit. 1,405 more words


The Airborne Toxic Event - The Fifth Day

But I won’t go back to what I was
And I know now that you are lost
It’s your choices that make you a man… 19 more words

Song Of The Day

On Looking for Work (The Long Middle): Part 1

After being surprised by my not-at-all-surprising lay-off, landing on my feet helps. Not “landing on my feet” like I’m walking straight into an awesome job. Not landing perfectly for a top marks (6.0? 571 more words


Please excuse this shameless plug

Okay, so life has been insane, and I promise to update on some of it soon,  but, for now, I have to make a horribly embarrassing request, and hope that this fledgling little blog doesn’t lose any followers, and that those who follow me have seen my posts about my son, and understand, possibly even sharing this….. 439 more words